Inner Dialogues

Poetic Expressions

by Christian M. Yoder


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Mental Reflections with Insight and Humor

This book is a collection of writings expressed in groupings. The categories are: Observations; Monologues; Reflections; Viewpoints; Light Verse and Personal Tributes. My outlook and observations form the basis for describing concepts such as Choices, Creativity, and Bondage. Monologues are essentially lengthy dialogues with myself regarding issues of Democracy, Polarity, and Prejudice. In the Reflections, there is consideration of the effects sound, mood, timbre, temperature, and light have on humans as seen in Parkway, Campfire, Seaside, and Sunrise. Numerous spins articulating aspects of human behavior are found in the Viewpoints group in Romance, Cynicism, and Retribution. The section of this book I acknowledge as Light Verse include Earth Tones, Alliteration Poems, and Limericks. Each person identified in the Tribute poems had significant influences on me during my life.


Book Excerpt

‘Moderators’ - Urgency hinders a balanced pace, planning neutralizes a reason to race. ‘Romance ‘- In giving, love's no shelter for relief! In living, love’s no sanction free from grief! ‘Choices’ - friends are not chosen but made, and not choosing is one more illusion displayed. ‘Insight’ - Answers that have been too instantly sought are surpassed with intricate thought. Snookering’ - Perhaps our officials will someday acknowledge that not every student is molded for college. ‘Equality’ - I’m all I have and what you have is you, for novices spouting fair the same is true. ‘Retribution’ - umbrage favors lonely, loathsome stags, and bitterness breeds bloody, broody brags.


About the Author

Christian M. Yoder

Christian M. Yoder is a retired Professor of Music Education. For fifty years he taught at the K-12 as well as the college and university levels. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goshen College and Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of Illinois. The works of authors Joseph Campbell and Suzanne Langer were writings he studied and valued. He may be reached at