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3 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book

Learn how easy self-publishing a book can be.

Outskirts Press has been at the forefront of self-publishing companies, with top self-publishing services since we launched in 2002. So, we know a few things.

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For example, we know there are many compelling reasons to self-publish a book. First, it’s much faster than collaborating with agents and traditional publishing houses. You can make more money by self-publishing because you control the royalties, and print-on-demand technology keeps overhead low. Finally, the quality of your book can be the same as that of a traditional press. So, you maintain creative control from start to finish. And, of course, you’re not waiting on an agent before you can publish.

We also know that self-publishing can feel unattainable, scary, and dizzying with your choices. But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Not all self-publishing paths are equal, but with Outskirts Press by your side, you will be surefooted as you travel. Outskirts Press is a full-service self-publishing company full of experts dedicated to setting you up to succeed, right from the very beginning—including this introductory tip sheet on the steps anyone can take to publish a book.

At its core, self-publishing with Outskirts Press involves three attainable—not scary—and clear steps:


Outskirts Press experts are not here to judge your voice, content, structure, or passion (unless you choose one of our editing or writing services that help you strengthen those components!). Instead, we are here to ensure your book has a fighting chance. And that means, at the most basic level, that we want to check that your book doesn’t cross into issues of libel or copyright infringement.

So, before we commit to working together, we ask you to submit your manuscript for review. We charge a fee for this, but this is applied to the publishing package you choose (or refunded in full if we don’t work together).


Once we all agree to work together, you choose your publishing package. We never pressure you to accept services you don’t need or want. But a team of publishing experts, including your very own Publishing Consultant, is available to answer your questions, explain our options, and guide you to the best services for you and your book. These include editing, cover design, book size and paper type, interior images, marketing, and royalty options.

A US-based human answers when you call, chat online, or email. As you create your perfect publishing package (or choose a prebuilt, one-click package), you are in charge and never alone.


We wait to (figuratively) hit the print button till you’re ready. (Even hardcover copies are print-on-demand, so there’s no risk of overbuying.) Once you’re happy with the interior and cover of your book, it’s time to share your book with the world. Outskirts Press helps you with the “paperwork,” such as getting ISBNs and categorizing your book with correct BISAC codes so booksellers and librarians can find and shelve it.

We also offer worldwide online and retail distribution, and eBooks formatted by us work on all major eReaders. Automatically, no decision-making or extra work is required. Your book is available to every interested bookseller and reader. We offer help and support as you market your book aggressively, even months and years after your publication date, and you maintain access to your resource-packed Author Center.

Of course, there are lots of little steps within these three main steps, but now that you know the basic road map and that you’ll have Outskirts Press self-publishing experts by your side, doesn’t the self-publishing journey look a lot more accessible and attainable? Of course, it should—because it is.

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