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Dreams Die Hard: Family Histories of Adults with Developmental Disabilities as Told by Families and Caregivers

by Susan Kessler Barnard

Price: $20.95

Susan Kessler Barnard’s “Dreams Die Hard: Family Histories of Adults with Developmental Disabilities as Told by Families and Caregivers.”   Parents’ hold tight to their dreams for their children with developmental disabilities. This book provides help. Parents, family members, teachers and program managers share their experiences with children from birth to middle age who have crippling speech problems, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, strokes, palsy, encephalitis, meningitis or other developmental problems. “Dreams Die Hard” is an unvarnished look at how parents and siblings coped with sibling rivalry, doctors, schools, sex, dating, religion, divorce, insensitive people, death, fears, and their impact on the entire family.

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Author Poll: Kenwyn K. Smith Your Help With His Book Cover

Kenwyn K. Smith is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and he wants your help deciding on a book cover.

Book Summary

Humanity now recognizes we are partway through a transformational epoch that may be even more impactful than the Renaissance. A central feature of this reformation is discovering that all of life is predicated on abundance. Never before has the world been so wealthy. Yet mostly we still feel it is a struggle to survive, largely because our economic system is based on real or artificially created scarcities. The world order has been founded on the economics of scarcity, which is an insufficiently robust architectural edifice given present geopolitical complexities. It needs to be augmented by a financial infrastructure centered on abundance.

About the Author

Kenwyn Smith, professor of organizational behavior at the University of Pennsylvania, is a scholar-practitioner. His work has ranged from schools to prisons, businesses to health care institutions, state-run enterprises to entrepreneurship, pharmaceuticals in Belgium to HIV/AIDS communities in America, from restoring under-resourced black South African townships to supporting livelihood-development in rural India.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge each cover.

Cover A

Cover B

EVVY Book Awards

Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Authors Impress EVVY Awards Judges—Here Are the 2018 Finalists

Outskirts Press self-publishing authors continually impress the judges at the annual CIPA EVVY Awards and this year is no different. In fact, our authors garnered an all-time high 28 spots as finalists for the 2018 awards and we couldn’t be prouder!

Now in its 24th year, the EVVY Awards, sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) and the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation (ELF), recognize the works of independent authors in dozens of book categories.

First-, second- and third-place winners will be revealed and recognized at an awards banquet on Saturday, Aug. 25, in Denver, Colorado. Outskirts Press would love to see as many of these amazing authors at the ceremony as possible. If you can’t make it, no worries: Outskirts Press executives will be on hand to accept the awards on behalf of authors not able to appear in person.

Alas, here are the self-published books that have been selected as finalists in the 2018 EVVY Awards:

Congratulations to all our EVVY Award finalists! We are so proud of your impressive achievements in this awards cycle.

Have you published a book this year, or are you getting ready to? Let Outskirts Press show you how to produce an award-worthy work! Follow the link below to learn more about our book publishing and marketing services.

An Inky Summer by Fred and Cheryl Lowman
Banister – Raiders of Santa Fe by Kent Courtney
Classroom Boredom Busters by Donna Malone
Cursed by Jeanne Blanchet, Ph.D.
Cut and Paste Religion by Rodney Kendrick
Dear Folks by Walt Hazelton
Emma and the Dragon Tooth Sword by Gabriel F.W. Koch
Entrepreneurs in Pharmacy: And Other Leaders by George S. Zorich
Genetics Isn’t Everything: How to Make Your ‘G-E-N-E-S’ Fit You by Katherine S. Egan
Greed Disease by Ted Folkert
Healing Walls by Rea Nurmi
Journey to Self-Discovery by Corazon N. Puzon
Living on the Edge: Adventures of a Hunter by Shannon L. Kollmeyer
Marathon and Half-Marathon Training, One Day a Week (It Can Be Done) by John Timmerman
My A.R.R.A.: Growing into Me by J.C. Sykes

Notes from the Trenches: A Musician’s Journey through World War I
by Gary H. Foster
People of the Rain: Rainfall by Steve Oldfin
Purple People from the Planet Plume by Marilyn Bischoff
Schweres Wasser: Heavy Water by John Alex Owen
Serving Others by John E. Koenig, Ph.D., and Father John Francis Kamwendo, Th.D.

The 75 Day War
by William Thomson
The Adventures of Patty-Cat, Kittle, and Friends with the Duchess of Manx by Barbara A. Cefalu
The Portal by David D. Bernstein
The Quest to Overthrow Heaven by Bolko Zimmer
The Sam Browne by Thomas Stacey
Two Towers by T.D. Arkenberg
Wasp on the Wind by C. R. Norris
What IF? Just A.S.K. by Rodney D. Brooks with Breanne E. Brooks