What you need to know about pricing your book...

Outskirts Press allows you, as the author, to set your own book pricing.

The elements under your control are the Trade Discount, Retail Price and Author Profit. Your book pricing is also affected by the final length of your book.

Since these elements are interrelated and dependent upon one another, you will need to select the element which is most important to you, then base the other numbers on that key element.

Trade Discount


The amount you give to wholesalers and retailers to carry your book and offer it for sale. Learn More

Retail Price

(aka, Suggested Retail Price)

The amount you suggest that retailers list your book for sale to their customers. Learn More

Author Profit

(aka, Royalties)

The amount you make every time a new copy of your book is sold. Learn More

The final pricing for your book cannot be determined until the final length (page count) is known. The final length of your book depends on the following factors:

Trim Size

(how big your book is)

Page Layout

(how the text is laid out on the page)

Word Count

(how many words are in your book)

A reasonable author profit is $1-2 for fiction and full-color books and $3-4 for non-fiction books.

For example:

  • If you’ve written a novel, you might select a $12.95 retail price for your 150-page book which would earn you a profit of $2.32/book (assuming you offered a 55% Trade Discount).
  • If you’ve written a non-fiction book at that same 150 pages, you might be able to set the retail price at $15.95 which would earn you a profit of $3.67/book (assuming you offered a 55% Trade Discount).
  • If you’ve written a 20-page full-color children’s book, you might select a $11.95 retail price which would earn you a profit of $1.90/book (assuming you offered a 55% Trade Discount)—since color is more expensive to print.

The Custom Difference

Only Outskirts Press grants you full control over your book pricing. Try the pricing calculator for your book.

Print-on-demand distribution gives you the economy and convenience of never out-of-stock, zero-inventory distribution. And, our Retail Returns Program (included free with our Ultimate & Full-Color Publishing Packages) allows you to customize your distribution efforts even more.

With every facet of book production, publication, distribution and marketing under one roof, you have the ultimate in convenience and control, every step of the way, only with Outskirts Press.

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