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Successful self-published authors know that the easier it is for book enthusiasts to access your work, the greater your chances of selling. That means not only making your book available through a variety of booksellers, but in a variety of formats.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing book market as an increasingly mobile population takes reading on the road during long commutes and visually impaired readers gain access to previously inaccessible books. The Audiobook Publishing & Distribution service from Outskirts Press provides you with everything you need to take advantage of this new avenue of selling.

Audiobook Publishing & Distribution from Outskirts Press
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Want to hear a sample? Listen to the first 15 minutes of Self-Publishing Questions Asked & Answered, by Brent Sampson.

With our Audiobook Publishing & Distribution service, you'll have an opportunity to hear 5 narrator auditions (based upon characteristics you request in advance, such as "age" and "tone" and "gender" so you can be sure to get just the right voice for your story.  Every custom Audiobook includes:

  • a professionally produced Audiobook that is distributed via Amazon, Audible, Apple and more
  • a custom Audiobook cover image that is drafted from your print book's cover
  • a 5-minute retail sample to use for promoting your Audiobook
  • a 15-minute sample to use for promoting your Audiobook
  • Plus exclusive access to our 23 Tactics to Promote an Audiobook marketing tipsheet

Outskirts Press reviews

Author of Luxor audiobook published by Outskirts Press

I felt such a sense of achievement after writing my book, but there is nothing as rewarding as turning my book into an audiobook. To hear my written words read by a masterful narrator made my book come alive. It’s incredible to realize that my words written so many months and years ago are now being read out loud. Having my book made into an audiobook gives it a whole new dimension beyond words on a page.

For authors out there wondering if turning your book into an audiobook is worth it, I can say absolutely YES!

Julie Bettendorf

Are you ready to hear your book come to life?