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Outskirts Press helps self publishing authors publish their Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Mystery & Detective, Western, Action & Adventure, Suspense,  Historical Fiction, Gothic, Humor, Women's Fiction, Phycological, Sports, Coming of Age, War & Military, LGBTQ+, Urban & Street Lit, Occult & Supernatural, Biographical, Political, Religious, Sagas, Crime, or Christian books--all fiction genres.

Outskirts Press publishing company offers worldwide distribution for fiction books through Ingram, Bowker, Baker & Taylor and retail availability through Amazon.com (including on as a Kindle ebook), barnesandnoble.com (including on the nook ereader), Apple Books, Target, Walmart, Audible, Google Play and thousands of other online retailers via our print on demand fulfillment service which means your novel is never out of stock and you don't have to worry about storing inventory—each book is printed when it’s ordered and shipped directly to the retailer or reader.

Outskirts Press has been helping authors publish novels for over 20 years.Outskirts Press has been helping authors self-publish high-quality, award-winning fiction for over 20 years, and we stand behind our book printing and design services with the best guarantee in the self-publishing industry. 

We take the mystery out of publishing mysteries, we put the love into publishing romance, and we remove the twists & turns from publishing adventure stories. You always maintain control over every aspect of your publication—from how it looks, to how much it costs. No double-crosses, trick endings, or broken hearts here.


Outskirts Press offers publishing packages for black & white fiction books, and, we even have an all-inclusive publishing & marketing suite for fiction books.  If you want some color in your novel, we can publish your full-color fiction book, too.

Outskirts Press offers black and white fiction publishing packages for self publishing authors.
Black & White


The fiction genre covers a vast array of topics including fantasy, fairy tales, folk tales, legends & mythology, science fiction, romance novels, tales of action & adventure, thrillers & horror stories, sagas, historical fiction, mystery & detective stories, tales of the occult & supernatural, westerns, and stories of crime and dystopian realities and settings.

For authors looking to self-publish their fanfiction, Outskirts Press provides the services to allow you to expand on your favorite characters and universes and share your story with the world. 

Paperback and hardcover/hardback books sizes for fiction book self-publishing from Outskirts Press.

We offer the most popular fiction book sizes (including mass market paperbacks), with glossy or matte covers in both paperback and hardback so you can find exactly the right format for your book.

Fiction books in black & white can be between 17 and 1,199 pages in length so you can publish anything from a short story to an epic saga.

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Because your book has unique production and marketing needs, Outskirts Press offers a variety of publishing enhancements and book marketing services tailored to fiction books so you get exactly what you need, without paying for things you don't.

Make your novel stand out in the crowd with a custom cover design from Outskirts Press. Copyright registration services for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press. Every self-published book, should be edited by a professional editor. Take full sales advantage of the information on your novel's cover with Cover Pitch Enhancement Services for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press.
Audiobooks creation, publishing and distribution services for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press. eBook conversion, publishing, and distribution services for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press. Fiction book video trailer creation services for self publishing authors marketing their own book from Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press offers dozens of fiction book enhancement and marketing services for self publishing authors.

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Meet some of our award-winning fiction authors...

Award-winning, self-published novels by independent writers published by Outskirts Press, one of the best self-publishing companies in the industry.

Outskirts Press reviews by award-winning self published fiction author Andrew Ceroni.

Author of 6 award-winning thriller books published by Outskirts Press.

Six books, SNOW MEN, MERIDIAN, THE RED SHORE, SPECIAL MEANS, IN THE BLACK and DAVID'S SLING—four 1st Place Awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association's EVVY Awards and four Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Awards! How could I possibly ask for more?

DAVID'S SLING is the sixth novel I have published with Outskirts Press. The reason for that is simple. Without question, they are the absolute best in the wilderness of independent publishers. The OP teams I have worked with are a great bunch of professionals who know their business exceedingly well and made this latest novel the absolute best it could be. None better. You are all top-notch, first class, and I thank you for all the awesome efforts you’ve made on my behalf.

Andrew Ceroni
Outskirts Press reviews by award-winning self published fiction author Jane Gandolfo.

Author of 5 award-winning mystery books published by Outskirts Press.

Several years ago when I decided to write my first book, I searched diligently for a company that offered the quality options and support that I felt I required. Coming from a background in advertising and public relations as well as being the owner of an antique business, I knew from personal experience and from the trade that a lot of the outfits calling themselves "experts" to self-published authors were anything but. The horror stories were abundant!

I decided on Outskirts Press partly as a leap of faith and partly from their excellent track record. I'm delighted to say that my decision to trust Outskirts with "my baby" has paid off many times over. I am currently writing my fifth novel and will once again put my manuscript into their hands. The customer service is excellent and I have never doubted the skills of the editors, proofreaders, cover artists and author representatives that I have been assigned to work with.

I have won two CIPA EVVY Awards which would not have been possible without Outskirts Press. Am I happy with Outskirts Press? You'd better believe it!

Jane Gandolfo