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Outskirts Press Reviews

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Top Consumer Reviews Rates Outskirts Press #1 in Self-Publishing

Outskirts Press is one of the best self publishing companies--supported by Top Consumer Reviews and our A+ rating at the BBB.

"When it comes to reputation, Outskirts Press has been at the top of our list for years. And we're not alone in our assessment: the company enjoys an "A+" rating from and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau over nearly two decades of being in operation.

If you're looking for the most trusted one-stop shop that can tackle print and eBook distribution with a host of helpful marketing tools, you'll get all of that and much more with this service."

Outskirts Press Reviews by Published Authors...

Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 6 award-winning thriller books published with Outskirts Press.

Six books, SNOW MEN, MERIDIAN, THE RED SHORE, SPECIAL MEANS, IN THE BLACK and DAVID'S SLING—four 1st Place Awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association's EVVY Awards and four Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Awards! How could I possibly ask for more?

DAVID'S SLING is the sixth novel I have published with Outskirts Press. The reason for that is simple. Without question, they are the absolute best in the wilderness of independent publishers. The OP teams I have worked with are a great bunch of professionals who know their business exceedingly well and made this latest novel the absolute best it could be. None better. You are all top-notch, first class, and I thank you for all the awesome efforts you’ve made on my behalf.

Andrew Ceroni
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 5 award-winning mystery books published with Outskirts Press.

Several years ago when I decided to write my first book, I searched diligently for a company that offered the quality options and support that I felt I required. Coming from a background in advertising and public relations as well as being the owner of an antique business, I knew from personal experience and from the trade that a lot of the outfits calling themselves "experts" to self-published authors were anything but. The horror stories were abundant!

I decided on Outskirts Press partly as a leap of faith and partly from their excellent track record. I'm delighted to say that my decision to trust Outskirts with "my baby" has paid off many times over. I am currently writing my fifth novel and will once again put my manuscript into their hands. The customer service is excellent and I have never doubted the skills of the editors, proofreaders, cover artists and author representatives that I have been assigned to work with.

I have won two CIPA EVVY Awards which would not have been possible without Outskirt Press. Am I happy with Outskirts Press? You'd better believe it!

Jane Gandolfo
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 8 award-winning books published with Outskirts Press.

As an author, I searched for the right publisher to bring my story to light. But it is about more than finding a publisher--it's about having who you select being there for you, guiding you, working with you. Many companies make claims to price or being there when you need them; however, after having published nine books, eight with Outskirts Press, I would never think of going elsewhere. Confidence, professionalism, and getting the right guidance are Outskirts Press' hallmarks. Behind it is my guru, the one person I count on. I have done so for fourteen years, placing my work in that person's hands. Someone who messages me on a Sunday night to help my anxiety go away when I wonder if I need to take more action. Her name is Deni and without her guidance--and now with the friendship we have built over these years--I would be floundering. That is the type of people Outskirts Press has working in your corner, always there to help make your publishing dreams come true. You have choices, make yours Outskirts Press.

Mike Andrisano
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 2 children’s picture books illustrated and published by Outskirts Press.

Outskirts Press assisted me in turning my career dream into a reality.

I’m Very Ferris became a real, tangible book for children to fall in love with as a beautifully illustrated story that only Outskirts Press could produce. I highly recommend this company for all authors ready to make their mark on the world through a book.

Tess Kossow
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 3 fiction books published with Outskirts Press.

I knew I wanted to write a novel but had no idea how to publish the finished manuscript. I researched many publishing companies and Outskirts Press’s One-Click Fiction Package was the best value compared to the other companies. Throughout the publishing process, everyone I encountered was professional and advice helpful. There are many parts of this package that were useful but the five hours of marketing secured six opportunities for me to showcase my book. I am currently writing my second novel and will go with the same package.

McKensie Stewart
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 2 award-winning self-help books published with Outskirts Press.

I chose Outskirts for my 1st book, My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am because I loved how they package everything at a set price and makes it easy for their first time authors.

When publishing my 2nd book, My Dog is My Relationship Coach, there wasn't a question that I would use them again. The communication and expertise from editors, designers, and marketing is priceless! There is a continued relationship with Outskirts after publishing as well to share awards and achievements the books received. I will continue to use Outskirts for the streamlined process and value of the price of publishing.

Maureen Scanlon
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 4 books published with Outskirts Press.

Many people in the industry don't realize the gift you are given when you receive a consultant that helps you through each and every step and even goes the extra mile to make it happen. Tina is one such person and for five years she has been the impetus for me to publish my books, a lifetime wish. Thank you for that.

C.E. Haupt

Fiction and poetry author of 2 books published with Outskirts Press.

I have published nine books using both traditional and self-publishing methods. I can–through this experience–say that without any doubt, Outskirts Press is categorically the very best option. Throughout the entire process of publishing my book, Missing Palm Tree: Stories From America’s Clandestine Service, all of the members of the staff who assisted me were polite, knowledgeable, and kind. They never failed to answer my many questions quickly. They never intimated that I lacked technical abilities even though I do. I cannot recommend highly enough that authors–first timers or experienced–use Outskirts Press for their publisher.

W. Blaine Wheeler
Outskirts Press reviews

Award-winning self-help author published with Outskirts Press.

I chose Outskirts Press as my publishing company because of the incredible reputation they hold in the industry for self-publishers. Their website is user-friendly and easy to maneuver. Their customer service agents are always ready to rectify an issue or answer any questions. They take the stress out of the process of self-publishing by streamlining the entire operation.

My first-time author experience was made SO easy by working with Outskirts Press. They explained the process every step of the way, their editing and graphics teams were a joy to work with, and even after my book was published, they offer marketing, selling, publicity information on how to expand your book's outreach in the market. The vision I held in my head of this book coming to life has manifested in my hands, all due to the professionalism and experience of Outskirts Press. Thank you!

Gina Simone
Outskirts Press reviews

Cookbook author published with Outskirts Press.

I would like to say thank you to everyone at Outskirts Press who has made my dream come true. I really like everyone at Outskirts Press. They are very nice and helpful. I was so thrilled when I received my book. I am so lucky to have Outskirts Press as my publisher and I will definitely introduce my friends and family members who are writing now to Outskirts Press. Thank you again.

Chansophy Anhaouy
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 2 books published with Outskirts Press.

One-Click publishing was just right for me! The 'process' pushed me to finish my book and get it published! It was a great ride! I am a teacher and thought, 'Oh, I can write.' The editors showed me that I was rusty. They were great and really improved my final product. One-Click publishing with Outskirts can take you from a dream to reality in a very short amount of time.

All involved, from the cover design to editing to marketing were amazing! The One-Click team are miracle workers if you are seeking to get your book published quickly and efficiently.

John Timmerman
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 6 children's books illustrated and published by Outskirts Press.

Writing a book is hard work but is only the first stage in the publishing process. Many more steps are required to produce a book with fabulous illustrations, minimal mistakes and a beautiful eye-catching cover. The One-Click Children’s book package facilitated the metamorphosis of my countless hours of typing into the final product I envisioned and am extremely proud of.

Dr. Selena Nicholas-Bublick
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 6 books published with Outskirts Press.

Outskirts press is located at the corner of Dreams and Reality. I had a dream to publish a book and Outskirts Press made it a reality. Do I like the services they provide? I must. I currently have six books published. I have been blessed to have Rebecca A. as my go-to person. She was always there to help me along in the process.

John Randall Dye
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 6 award-winning books published with Outskirts Press.

Twenty-Eight Snow Angels is my second publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Once the book was completed and, in my hands, I fell in love with the custom cover and the photos that were integrated into the text added such a warm and personal touch. The positive reader response to my memoir, Twenty-Eight Snow Angels, makes my heart soar! Many thanks to Outskirts Press.

Diane Dettmann
Outskirts Press reviews

Author of 2 children’s picture books illustrated and published by Outskirts Press.

I published two children's books with Outskirts Press and it was a great experience. I really love my books. If you want to become a published author I would not hesitate to contact them today. The illustrator was wonderful and the book designer took a great deal of care to provide the look I wanted!

Tanja Nayak

Educational book author published with Outskirts Press.

I could not be happier with my experience at Outskirts Press. My initial inquiries were handled promptly and efficiently. Once I decided upon a publishing package my author representative shepherded me through the entire process. My book was published about a week ago and I am thrilled with the end product - a very professional looking presentation designed by the people at Outskirts. You pay for some additional services but I found that the cost of the services I purchased was money well spent. I would not hesitate to use Outskirts again to publish my next book.

Curtis Czarniak

Memoir author published with Outskirts Press.

Outskirts Press has been a great partner in the process of writing and publishing my book Horns and Halos. Jamie Belt and Dana Nelson were great to work with. They were professional, supportive, and excellent communicators.

Writing a book and publishing it can be a grind! It is work and takes dedication, persistence, and commitment. I felt the team at Outskirts Press stood with me during the entire experience. If they did not have the answer right away, they made sure they found out and communicated with me promptly.
I just ordered my Author copies and should know more in two weeks. I can only hope that the marketing and promotion of my book receives the same professional hands-on approach.

I tip my hat to Outskirts Press and thank them for a job well done! Jaimie and Dana were the absolute best!

George A. Machado

Juvenile health & fitness author published with Outskirts Press.

I just received my author copies of my book. It is hard to put into words how happy I am with the book. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! The cover and every page within are so beautifully designed; the presentation and the quality are impeccable.

Working with Outskirts Press was so amazing. My initial representative introduced me to Outskirts Press, their processes, services and costs. She remained thoughtful and helpful as I took my time to finish writing and decide on using their services. Any time I had questions she responded in a timely manner. When I signed on, another representative was assigned to me as my author representative. She was always kind, thorough and helpful, and quick with answering all my questions. She made sure I was informed of every step in the process. The editing staff are knowledgeable, skilled and thorough. And those who did the design and layout are fabulous!! I had my own illustrator and they worked with placing our illustrations just as I had indicated. After publishing, I had help with creating a Kindle version, and with marketing. All very helpful! When I publish again, I will definitely return to Outskirts Press.

Laurie Garo

Author of 6 books published with Outskirts Press.

Outstanding service. I have been extremely pleased with the process that they walk you through each step of the way.

All my questions were answered quickly and never once did I feel lost or abandoned.

Jeffrey Barbieri

Poetry author published with Outskirts Press.

My author representative was very patient during the entire process and never failed to answer my questions thoroughly and to the best of their knowledge along with recommendations that helped bring my vision to life. I absolutely loved the experience and definitely plan on using their services again!


Christian author published with Outskirts Press.

Outskirts Press delivers. Everything was upfront with no surprises and professionally implemented each step of the way. I’m thrilled with the end product and overjoyed that with never having attempted self-publishing before, I ended up choosing an outstanding company, one which I will wholeheartedly recommend to others. What I can’t express profoundly enough is my appreciation for every single person who I encountered on this journey. The encouragement that I received from this publishing team was not expected, but was so kind. There is no price tag that you can put on that but they certainly represent the best part of Outskirts Press. Thank you for being a reputable and safe place for authors to come. Your services are top notch and I thank you for helping me get my book to print!

Judy Eicheldinger

Poetry author published with Outskirts Press.

Everyone that has helped me with the process of getting my book published was amazing. They responded quickly with answers to all of my questions and were very polite and patient with me since this was the first time I have done anything like this. Overall, a very fantastic crew to work with. I will be using Outskirts Press again in the future.

L. M. Sanderson

Fiction author published with Outskirts Press.

My Author Representative was incredible! She was patient, knowledgeable, easy to work with and I could not have done this without her. She answered all my questions, helped me understand the publishing process and worked diligently to help me become a published author! I could not have done this without her and I can’t thank her enough for everything!

Michele Jalbert

Memoir author published with Outskirts Press.

My profound thank you to the many professionals of Outskirts Press who provided fast and expert assistance in each step to bring my book to publication and success. I had prior experience with another publisher and found Outskirts Press to provide a much better personal response, assistance, speed, and cost.

Patrick McFadden

Award-winning author of 5 books published with Outskirts Press.

This is the fifth book that I have had published with Outskirts Press – 3 novels and 2 illustrated children’s books. I have been thoroughly satisfied with Outskirts Press and plan to continue with them for my remaining books in progress.

Cynthia L. Clark

Memoir authors published with Outskirts Press.

A new journey without a road map always begins with a first step in the general direction of your destination. Writing, publishing and marketing a book is a similar venture. Outskirts Press and our Author Representative provided targeted information via many Outskirts Press articles and e-mails to guide my co-author and I through the publication process. We actively participated in the presentation design of our text, images and book cover. We couldn’t have arrived at our destination without the professional help of our Outskirts Press team. It was both an educational and pleasurable experience. Thanks!

Diane Wheeler & Mike Kohut

Fiction author published with Outskirts Press.

I am a 67 year-old rookie in the publishing process and I needed help. My Author Representative provided excellent assistance. She was competent, but also sensitive, flexible and patient, while guiding me through the necessary steps. I was really impressed with the whole Outskirts Press operation. They provided opportunities and assistance at every step and clearly care about turning out the highest quality product, while respecting the author’s freedom and goals. They provide high-quality support at a reasonable price.

Gene Gade

Children's author published with Outskirts Press.

The knowledge, expertise, and patience of my Author Representative can only be described as phenomenal. I was blessed to work with an Outskirts Representative who really knew the publishing business and more importantly, her joy and fun guiding my book through the publishing process really alleviated any stress.  From the introductory call to the book printing, this has been an exceptional experience all around. I wouldn’t change a thing. There may be publishing houses that claim that it’s better to go to them, but my business goes to Outskirts Press, because they are the BEST!

Rev. Dr. Oscar P. Grant

Children's author of 3 books published and illustrated by Outskirts Press.

This is my third published book with Outskirts Press. The details and the overall quality of my book is astonishing! The team leaders who worked endlessly to make this publication a success were highly skilled. They made helpful suggestions to me which made the process easier than ever before. With my latest book I decided to go with full color illustrations. It is amazing to see how the vivid color really brings my book to life. I plan to start writing for my next book in the upcoming weeks. Outskirts Press is my only publishing option.

Bernard E. Bentley

Fiction author of 3 books published with Outskirts Press.

Let’s face it. Getting a literary agent is extremely difficult. Luckily I came across Outskirts Press and after digging deeper as to how they work and what they offer, I decided it was exactly what I was looking for. All questions were answered right up front. My Author Representative was always there to help guide me. This gave me the freedom to continue writing, while they took care of the nuts and bolts of getting a book out into the market. I presently have my first book published, the second manuscript being edited now with a third in queue. I look forward to having all six books in this series published by Outskirts Press and I couldn’t be happier.

K. Raymond Zabielski

Award-winning author of 4 children's books published with Outskirts Press.

I have enjoyed working with Outskirts Press on several children’s books. Each time, the staff have been helpful with every phase of the publishing process. They have been encouraging, patient, and helpful and make me feel like my book is the most important project they are working on and I have their undivided attention, which is very reassuring. What is more, I have enjoyed all the people I have worked with and they have helped to make the process fun and exciting—a dream come true for me.

Sarah Sebring Binder

Fiction author published with Outskirts Press.

Outskirts Press gave life to my wildest dream. My Author Representative was absolutely impressive. She really performed better than I expected. Thank you.

Cege Gacuhi

Christian author of 2 books published with Outskirts Press.

Top notch company with professionals who are willing to walk you through the entire publishing process. The entire team was knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely easy to work with! I came into the process as a first-time author who knew nothing about publishing a book. I was impressed with the ease of the process and the many tools available to authors to help create, publish, and market a book. I highly recommend!

Ian Ferree

Christian author published with Outskirts Press.

I was very impressed and satisfied with the assistance and encouragements from my Author Representative. The final outcome of my first book was beautiful to behold, from the book cover to the content and text. Thanks to Outskirts Press for a job well done.

Thomas O. Aladi

Children's author of 3 books published with Outskirts Press.

Everyone at Outskirts Press was wonderful and has been helping me through the publishing process when I was a first time author, and knew nothing about it. It was so exciting! I never thought it would happen, but with your staff’s help you have made my dream come true! Thank you so very much!

Carol Weygandt Smedley

Christian author published with Outskirts Press.

My experience with Outskirts Press was amazing. I received outstanding service. My Author Representative responded very quickly to any questions that I had. My book is beautiful, and I am very pleased. Outskirts Press exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to publishing more books with them in the future. I would highly recommend Outskirts Press to others.

Alethea Nicholson

Poetry author published with Outskirts Press.

My experience with Outskirts Press and the whole publishing team was amazing. My Author Representative answered every question that I had and gave me great advice. It was a wonderful experience going through the process of getting my book published. I am extremely happy that I went through Outskirts Press with my book. The journey was awesome!

Sean Juan

Young adult self-help author published with Outskirts Press.

I made the right choice with Outskirts Press. It was a bit daunting going it alone in the world of self-publishing. While I loved my autonomy, I was never alone. I felt guided and supported by my Author Representative and the talents of the design and production team. They listened, respected my ideas, responded to every detail, and offered wonderful options. The book totally reflects my vision for this special, reader-friendly text for college students. Thank you so much Outskirts Press.

Suzanne Liff

Author of 2 business books published with Outskirts Press.

It has been fantastic working with Outskirts Press. Everyone provided exceptionally personal and professional support. And, Jamie was very responsive to questions and helping the process move with smoothness and speed.

Paul E. Fein

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