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Like it or not, readers have only first impressions to go on as they pare down thousands of book choices to the few they wish to explore further. That means your book cover may well be the single most powerful marketing and selling tool in your arsenal. Want to make sure your cover stacks up – and stands out?

Publish with Outskirts Press now and that priceless marketing and selling tool is our gift to you! We'll give you a FREE Custom Cover Design (valued at $399) for your book when you purchase the Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing package during this limited-time offer!

An eye-catching professional cover design will entice the specific readers you're after and compel them to take a closer look at what's inside. Your cover will also impart vital information about your book at a glance: genre and content, tone and even the quality of the content. If your book cover does all that, your audience is more likely to buy.

To enhance your book with a sales-boosting, professional custom cover, just place the Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing in your shopping cart and enter the promo code October_FreeCover at checkout. It's the best marketing decision you could make!

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