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Writing, Editorial, and Creative Services

Editing your book is the single most important thing a self-publishing author can do. Outskirts Press self-publisher offers copyediting and poetry editing services.

Professional Copyediting

Editing your book is the single most important thing you can do. No ... more >>
The fact is, people DO judge books by their covers--self-published authors must ensure people are impressed with theirs. Outskirts Press offers professionally designed custom covers based on royalty-free GettyImages imagery to make every book unique.

Professional Custom Book Cover Design

The simple fact is that people DO judge books by their covers. Make ... more >>
Outskirts Press’s publishing packages include an ISBN. Some self-publishing authors prefer to publish under their own imprint (aka publisher name) to maintain full control over how their book is identified, discovered & sourced.

Private Label ISBN

Some self-publishing authors prefer to secure their own ISBNs for ... more >>
If you need help finishing (or starting) your book, the Writing Consultation service from Outskirts Press will give you the tools you need to restart or fine-tune your work and get your book back on track.

Writing Consultation

Stuck in a rut? The Writing Consultation service from Outskirts Press ... more >>
Claim your free publishing kit full of self-publishing information, author guides and tip sheets to help you self-publish your book like a pro!

Custom Full-Color Illustrations

Outskirts Press offers original full-color illustrations (that are also available in black &white) in over 40 amazing and unique styles. Best of all, unlike with other publishers, these illustrations are royalty-free, which means you will not have to split your book royalties with the artist. In fact, you don't even need to publish your book with Outskirts Press; although we will give you a 15% discount if you do.

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Instant Self-Publishing Gift Card

self publishing gift certificate

Deciding on the perfect gift for a special person can be a tough decision to make. It's now easier than ever to get the perfect "stocking stuffer" for the author in your life with an instant self-publishing gift card from Outskirts Press!

What do you buy for the writer in your life that either has everything or is extremely difficult to shop for? What if you've waited until the last minute to purchase a gift? What if you could tastefully gift that writer money to publish or market their book? Wouldn't that eliminate some of your headache?

Now you can with the instant self-publishing gift card from Outskirts Press! Sending a few dollars to your favorite writer can ensure that their publishing dreams come true.

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