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Outskirts Press publishes non-fiction books in the Art, Architecture & Photography, Biography, Business, Politics, Health & Fitness, History, Nature, Science & Technology, Self-Help & Relationships, and Sports genres by independent authors and writers.

Outskirts Press publishing company offers worldwide distribution for nonfiction books through Ingram, Bowker, Baker & Taylor and retail availability through,, Apple Books, Target, Walmart, Audible, Google Play and thousands of other online retailers via our print on demand fulfillment service which means your non-fiction book is never out of stock and you don't have to worry about storing inventory—each book is printed when it’s ordered and shipped directly to the retailer or reader.

Outskirts Press has been helping authors publish their nonfiction books on Art, Architecture & Photography, Biography, Business, Politics, Health & Fitness, History, Nature, Science & Technology, Self-Help & Relationships, and Sports for over 20 years.  As an award-winning cookbook self publisher, Outskirts Press offers industry-leading service with the best 100% satisfaction guarantee in the book publishing industry.For over 20 years, Outskirts Press has been helping authors self-publish high-quality, award-winning non-fiction books of all types—from self-help to biography to business, and everything in between. And, we stand behind our book printing and design services with the best guarantee in the self-publishing industry

We take the mystery (and the work) out of self-publishing a book and allow you to maintain control over every aspect of your published book—from how it looks, to how much it costs.


Outskirts Press offers publishing packages for black & white non-fiction books or full-color non-fiction books. We even have an all-inclusive publishing & marketing suite for non-fiction books.

The non-fiction genre covers a vast array of subject matter including books on business & economics, self-help books and guides, education and academics books (both on these topics and for people leading and learning in these fields—including study aids), family & relationships topics, books on health & fitness & the medical field/industry, history and historical subjects both broad and specific, computers & technology & engineering, art & architecture & design, crafts & hobbies, music, games (like word search and crossword puzzles), books on gardening & nature, topics for the house & home (including real estate), humor, law, literary criticism, math & science, performing arts (including plays), pets, photography books, political science & social sciences & philosophy, psychology, sports & recreation, transportation, true crime, and travel.

For authors looking to self-publish a workbook, textbook or other academic book (or any book really), Outskirts Press provides services which allow you to customize your book exactly how you want it.  From indexing, to enhanced and custom interior book layout & design, to library of congress control numbers necessary for library distribution.  Only what you want—just the way you want it.

Paperback and hardcover/hardback books sizes for nonfiction self-publishing authors from Outskirts Press.

We offer the most popular book sizes for non-fiction books (including workbook size which is great for both workbooks and textbooks), with glossy or matte covers in both paperback and hardback so you can find exactly the right format for your book.

Non-fiction books in full color can be between 17 and 1,000 pages in length, and books in black & white can be between 17 and 1,199 pages.

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If your book includes photos, charts, graphs, call-out boxes, or other graphic elements, then interior formatting is essential in creating a professional and cohesive reading experience. Outskirts Press offers three levels of interior book design that can be specifically tailored to your topic.

Non-fiction book formatting interior layout & design for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press.............Non-Fiction formatting interior layout and design for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press..


Because your book has unique production and marketing needs, Outskirts Press offers a variety of publishing enhancements and book marketing services tailored to non-fiction books so you get exactly what you need, without paying for things you don't.

Make your nonfiction book stand out in the crowd with a custom cover design from Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press offers subject indexing for non-fiction self published books. Every self-published book, should be edited by a professional editor. Take full sales advantage of the information on your non-fiction book's cover with Cover Pitch Enhancement Services for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press.
Audiobooks creation, publication and distribution for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press. eBook conversion, publication & distribution for self publishing authors from Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press offers subject book marketing support for self publishing authors. Outskirts Press offers dozens of nonfiction book enhancement and marketing services for self publishing authors.

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Meet some of our award-winning non-fiction authors...

Award-winning, self-published non-fiction books by Outskirts Press independent authors and writers published by Outskirts Press, one of the best self-publishing companies in the industry.

Outskirts Press reviews by published nonfiction book author Maureen Scanlon.

Author of 2 award-winning self-help books published by Outskirts Press.

I chose Outskirts for my 1st book, My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am because I loved how they package everything at a set price and makes it easy for their first time authors.

When publishing my 2nd book, My Dog is My Relationship Coach, there wasn't a question that I would use them again. The communication and expertise from editors, designers, and marketing is priceless! There is a continued relationship with Outskirts after publishing as well to share awards and achievements the books received. I will continue to use Outskirts for the streamlined process and value of the price of publishing.

Maureen Scanlon
Outskirts Press reviews by published nonfiction book author John Timmerman.

Author of 2 non-fiction books published by Outskirts Press.

One-Click publishing was just right for me! The 'process' pushed me to finish my book and get it published! It was a great ride! I am a teacher and thought, 'Oh, I can write.' The editors showed me that I was rusty. They were great and really improved my final product. One-Click publishing with Outskirts can take you from a dream to reality in a very short amount of time.

All involved, from the cover design to editing to marketing were amazing! The One-Click team are miracle workers if you are seeking to get your book published quickly and efficiently.

John Timmerman