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eBook Conversion, Publishing & Distribution Services
Everything you need to publish your eBook for all Platforms

If you are looking to publish an eBook edition of your book, our professional eBook conversion and formatting services include everything you’ll need.

Our eBooks come with vibrant full-color covers for premium digital library bookshelf display and include unlimited worldwide distribution on a wide array of eBook distribution platforms.

eBook Publishing with Distribution

Details & Pricing

It’s more important than ever to be where your readers are. eBooks help you meet your readers where they are. More editions means, more readers, which means your message reaches a wider audience. eBooks of all genres (cookbooks, non-fiction, fiction, memoirs, poetry, children’s books, etc.) can be read on all modern eReaders and eReader apps.

Extensive Worldwide eBook Distribution

Outskirts Press offers eBook distribution through the world's largest eBook distributors like Ingram, OverDrive, ProQuest eBook Central, and to dozens of eBook retailers worldwide like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and many others. We also offer distribution to libraries around the world through services like Libby, Follett, Hoopla, Bibliotheca and others.

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What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital (or electronic) version of a book which can be read on a computer, tablet, smart phone or handheld eReader device or app. An eBook has dynamic, reflowable content which allows the reader to tap, or click, to continue reading the properly formatted text no matter what size of screen they are using--and images automatically resize to fit the viewer's screen.

With eBooks, readers can take hundreds of books on the go with them without taking up any space or weighing them down!

Why do I need an eBook?

eBooks are the fastest way to self-publish a book. If you've already published a print edition of your book (paperback/hardback) eBooks allow you to expand your audience and reach readers wherever they are.

eBooks allow people with visual impairments to access books which otherwise would be unreadable for them (since they can increase the font size until they are able to read the text).

Where will my eBook be sold?

Online retail bookstores like Amazon (in the Kindle Store), Barnes & Noble (in the NOOK store), Apple (in Apple Books), in the Google Play store and hundreds of other eBook retailers will have the opportunity to sell your eBook.

eBook editions are essential for book sales, but many people still enjoy holding a physical paperback or hardback book in their hands—Outskirts Press can help with our Black & White Publishing Services or Full-Color Publishing Services. And make sure your book is part of the increasingly popular audiobook market which is growing at over 40% per year as readers avail themselves of audiobook technology to enhance their workday commute, make a road trip more entertaining or access content with vision impairment.

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