Introducing Prophetess Gail Rose, author of My Past Was Just A Set Up For My Future

“I heard about Outskirts Press through a friend, but I wanted to check out all my options since this is my very first book written. I took my time as I researched many publishers and their offers. In my search I have found Outskirts Press to be reasonable with their pricing and had much to offer for your money. After much research and prayer, I decided on Outskirts Press. My representative was very helpful and patient with me and I have learned much through the process. There is more involved in publishing a book then just writing, and Outskirts Press provided the proper help and guidance that was needed. I am pleased with the outcome and grateful for all their help!”

Prophetess Gail Rose is the President and Founder of I Will Go Ministry and GR Expressions of Me. She was honored in the Cambridge Who’s Who 2006-2007 Edition of Executives and Professional Women. She attended Charisma Ministerial Bible College, Christian College Bible Knowledge and Bibleway School of Ministry. She travels nationally and, soon to come, Internationally doing Revivals, Women’s Conferences, Workshops and Retreats. She was ordained as a Rev./Evangelist in 1985 through her home church Bibleway Chapel Church Inc. And ordained as a Prophetess in 2002. Because of her love for God and His people, Prophetess Gail transcends through all races, cultural and religious barriers just to reach and pull you out of any dilemma you may be in.

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Book description…

Past Shadows or Future Realities are choices…which follows you? This book tells the whole story of a little girl who was thrust into an adult situation at a very young age, which she was not physically or mentally mature enough to handle. It caused her life to fall into a downward spiral of confusions that was not easily reversed. This story tells of the nightmares that lingered for years, and how the shame and guilt tormented her thoughts. You will read of the child abuse and rape in the home that led her to a life of drugs, alcohol and perversion by the time she was 16, and even an attempted suicide, but this is not how the story ends. At the age of 20 she found herself under a gospel tent where she met Jesus for the very first time, and He changed her life forever. This remarkable story lets you know that after her encounter with Jesus she struggled with discovering who she really was while trying to put the pieces of her life back together. God sent her two ladies who she called her 911 sisters. They assisted her for three years of her new Christian walk until she was able to break free of her past, and discover that God had her destiny in mind before the very foundation of the world. Not a typical story that ended with defeat, but ends with an unprecedented victory. This story will show you how you can experience triumph even in the undisclosed places of your soul.


Introducing Pete B. Betiku, author of Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You: The Decisions You Make Today, Will Determine the Direction You Will Walk In Tomorrow

“The price is good and the website is easy to use.”

Pete Betiku is a Minneapolis-based businessman, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is passionate about conducting business and sharing his gift of teaching to help people get more out of life. As such, Pete provides mentorship to people of all walks of life and many organizations. He enjoys traveling all over the country to teach about business and personal development. Pete looks forward to growing and expanding internationally. Facebook: Pete Betiku Tweeter: @peteBetiku Booker

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Book description…

Life is filled with highs and lows. These are the moments that can dictate the course of your life. Life is also filled with seconds that turn into minutes that can be used in any way that you choose. Most people spend their precious time doing jobs and having lives that make them miserable. They have some “shadow” that seems to keep them from shining. It keeps them from truly utilizing their true potential.

In Fire Your Shadows and Hire the REAL You! Pete Betiku explains that a shadow can be a person, place, emotion, or thing that is preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone, and living the life that you were placed on earth to live.

A shadow can be anything negative that is preventing you from embarking on a prosperous life. In this book, you’ll learn every step in the process of removing yourself from any shadow that is trying to be in your path. You’ll learn how to rise into your greatness, and step out of any shadow that might be covering you.

You will learn all the tricks, and be given the tools that everyone-from world-class athletes to world leaders-use to live a life in which they are using their potential to exert their inner greatness. Your inner greatness just waiting to be released is the part of you that always lived in you, but some fear or doubt shadowed this greatness.

Well, here is where we will bring out the REAL you, and you will fire a version of yourself that is now outdated-and hire the person who you always knew you would be.


Introducing Jim LaRue, author of The ABCs of My Life

“My experience with Jamie has been great. I’m very happy with your personal work interactions and the final product”

Jim LaRue grew up in NW Montana. He attended Oregon State University on a Navy ROTC scholarship and graduated in 1968 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation and commissioning, he served five years in the Navy as an aviator. His professional career consisted of several independent business ventures with the last twenty years spent in the financial services industry with a major national firm. He retired in 2006 and resides with his wife Margie on the shores of Lake Keowee in NW South Carolina.

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Book description…

A rambling collection of thoughts, opinions, observations and memories from an average small-town guy who survived the cold war, the polio epidemic, chicken pox, measles, mumps, broken bones, drinking water from a garden hose, nuclear war drills, an older sister, playing in the street, speeding, underage drinking, riding a bike without a helmet, dog bites, cat scratches, skiing in the fog, driving on icy roads in winter blizzards, corporal punishment, harsh winters in Montana, living for two months under water in a submarine, flying jets off the deck of an aircraft carrier, raising two sons and forty-nine years (at the time of this typing) of marriage.