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Blood for blood. الدم بالدم. 以血还血 KКровь за кровь. خون برای خون

• Wake up one day to the news that Israel is no more or Palestine is wiped off. Russia and US at war. North Korea’s million-man army has marched into South Korea. IRA, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, ISIS have united to conquer the world….where are we getting it wrong? • Migrants’ headache • THE CUT—who will stop butchering women’s genitalia Missiles v/s Suicide Bombers The book is not a Bible or Koran but important as much. Who will stem this bloodbath? – Prof Ian Brown Women and children, victims of international aggression are pleading for dialogue. Will US lift world cup before England, home to beautiful football.


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WORLD REBIRTH OR WORLD WAR THREE –UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES &THE TEACHING STAFF GET IT THE NEW BOOK FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVES DIVERSITY  POLITICAL  RELIGION  HISTORY POLITICAL- o international politics-why Russia is the main opposition for checks &balances on US o democracy, dictatorship, intolerance o trade embargo and impact o why US …,why RUSSIA – their impact ,positive &negative o nuclear power-US, RUSSIA, IRAN, ISRAEL, N.KOREA………. o civilization and Britain, rich English tradition o US-Castro &Guantanamo bay o Osama-Afghanistan-US o Obama shoots and scoreeees, Iranians celebrate as Israelite goes home dejected. Was he a messiah to Iran and angel of death to Israel? His mission . RELIGION- o Israel-Palestine o Iran-Israel o Muhammad-Abraham-before we were divided along religious lines o Asians &Amos ,was he their fore father? o Main stream churches and dark history-Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox o Evangelical churches and the expensive hope they sell. o Radicalization/extremism-has THE WEST contributed? HISTORY- o Famous people providing the yard stick o Infamous people who if a badges of mass murder were to be given would go to. OTHERS- o US today, is this the vision George Washington had? o Bring in Hollywood to tame terror, falsehood has kept both afloat o The dragon called china can spit consuming flame beyond Asia but can she stretch her wings that far to qualify as an economic powerhouse? o Land of the free-Race killing in US, do we still have cockroaches? o Whitney, M J-hollow side of holly wood o THE WEST-where is the boundary? Is UK a tag along and France payback-Hitler o UK-monarchy that pisses US off, why common wealth adores royal family o Culture diversity or ..?-FGM, arranged marriages, o Is UN toothless to handle world crisis? Only by clicking or for great discounted sales both wholesale and retail when you buy 10 copies or more


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Jimmy Jimmy

Jimmy Jimmy is a researcher on international politics (political science), historian and freelancer. He was born December, 1984. Inspired by US first president Washington and the Buffalo soldiers who dared to dream.