A Living Testimony>Who Will Cry For Me?

by Sherree Rogers


Book Excerpt

This is the riveting and yet inspirational journey of one woman's life of survival stemming from childhood molestation, physical and mental abuse. Marlena was given away by her biological mother at the age of only two years old to a relative she would grow to call Mother. Layla, Marlena's biological mother, had to face the guilt and shame of her deep dark secret. The secret that would haunt her for the rest of her life and ultimately carry to the grave. Read of Marlena's courage to tell about the cruelty of abandonment by her biological mother and the relational bonds that were broken which would inevitably, break the bonds that help to mold a child throughout its life: Mother/daughter, brother/sister, sister/sister and just general relational bonds. Mother was the physical and verbal abuser, all through Marlena's tender years until about age fifteen. Growing up with negativity, read how it possibly could have impacted Marlena's life. Marlena's reality was that her biological mother did not want her nor did Mother want her. Marlena's reality was that her young life was full of trauma. Her reality was also that she battled depression constantly as a child with no outlet. These were very harsh realities but it all was in preparation for what was to be one of her sole purposes in life, a living testimony.


About the Author

Sherree Rogers

Sherree was born in the Delta of Mississippi but raised in Portland, Oregon. The traumatic experiences that she has survived: abandonment, child abuse, molestation and rejection, will hopefully help heal many who are hurting emotionally. Sherree became interested in writing because growing up there wasn’t really anyone to express herself to, so she began putting her thoughts down on paper and as an adult wanted to share her story. Sherree has written several articles over the years for and about other people. She thought it was now time to put her own story out. Sherree is a mother, and a wife. She is employed by a telecommunications giant and is daring to tell her story, her way.