Welcome To The Zone

Peak Performance Redefined

by Scott Ford


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What if you could reach peak performance…all the time?

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“Scott has devoted his entire professional career to understanding and mastering the zone in tennis. His training system is both effective and practical. His approach clearly demonstrates the importance of visualization in achieving peak performance.”
– Dr. Jim Loehr, author of The Power of Full Engagement

Flow, the zone, peak performance…there are different names for it, but you know how powerful it is when you’re there. Conventional coaching wisdom says there is no reliable formula to reach that state, but Scott Ford is here to turn that thinking on its head.

Inspired by his own experience, Scott developed The Parallel Mode Process, a real protocol to get in the zone. Peak performance is directly related to enhanced consciousness, and you can learn to create it. The body-mind presence that Scott teaches has useful applications in all parts of your life, but if you’re looking to improve your tennis game exponentially and consistently, Welcome to the Zone is the book for you.

Get in the zone by choice, not by chance!


Book Excerpt

Do you ever feel:

- Like your game is in a rut?

- Like you are spinning your tennis wheels, practicing but not improving as rapidly as you think you should improve?

- Like your game is played between narrow margins separating the good days from the bad days and you seldom, if ever, experience the great days?

- Do you change teaching pros frequently in the hopes that a new pro will be the answer to your problems?

- How about a change in racquets or shoes or grips?

- Maybe your strings are too loose. Maybe they’re too tight.

If these changes aren’t helping your game, then this book is for you.

Playing tennis in the zone is not about the stroking techniques you learned from your last teaching pro. Playing in the zone is not about the strategies you learned from watching professional tennis. The zone has nothing to do with racquets or shoes or string tension. The zone is about the human operating system, not the tools with which it operates.

If you are interested in your own operating system and how it can work more efficiently and more accurately on the tennis court, then this book is for you.

We tend to change everything we can possibly change in an effort to achieve a higher level of performance. But what we don’t change is the one thing that is truly causal to performance improvement, and that is to change the basic way we use our eye/brain/body operating system on the tennis court; to change the way we use the underlying Input, Processing, Output (IPO) dynamics of our sensorimotor operating system.

In other words, by improving the way your operating system interfaces with the tennis environment, you will improve your performance on the court.

This book will show you how to improve the interface between your operating system and the tennis environment in which you operate.


About the Author

Scott Ford

Author, clinician, and performance specialist, Scott Ford has presented his unique approach to playing tennis in the zone at the prestigious:

USTA National Tennis Teachers Conference

USPTA World Congress on Tennis

Canadian National Tennis Teachers Conference

2000 Pre-Olympic Congress of Sports Science and Health in Brisbane, Australia.

Scott teaches at the Colorado Athletic Club Inverness in Englewood, Colorado.

For more information visit: tennisinthezone.com

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