The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle

by Barbara A. Cefalu

The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle

The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle

by Barbara A. Cefalu

Published Feb 18, 2015
129 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Cats


Book Details

What do bouncing, biting, unemployable sheep dogs, sniping spiders, irritated ants, and getting-under-everyone’s-skin, Cousin Fred (addicted to catnip and trouble), plus Billy-Bom-Tom-Cat all have in common? They’re the ones Patty-Cat and Kittle, two adventurous little kittens, meet and deal with, and sometimes it’s not easy! Patty-Cat and Kittle came to live with Angel at 112 Liver Lane, and life is far from dull. Two sheep dogs, Hal and Sam, come snarling down the street, snapping at each other and when Kittle tries to stop them, they turn on her. She suggests they could be nicer to each other, but alas, peacemakers are never appreciated. Off they go, snarling and biting, hoping to fight Hector the goat. Cousin Fred comes for a visit and disrupts the whole household. Nothing he does turns out right. He spills gingerbread batter all over the kitchen, breaks things, disappears and refuses to do chores. Fred meets a disreputable ruffian called Billy-Bom-Tom-Cat who leads him to a catnip café. Before he is totally beat up, Kittle comes to the rescue and escorts him home. But Fred finds music, banging on the piano, and finally is sent to music school.


Book Excerpt

It was raining cats and dogs in the Valley. Mr. Tom Cat, sitting in the large bay window of his home, watched as the little ones landed, then scampered away. One tiny puppy fell in the prickly pear bush, howled, then hurried down the street. “Ho-hum,” said Mr. Tom Cat to himself. “Another batch of those pesky little animals.” He was tired of the scene. After all, he was the happy bachelor of Liver Lane with a reputation to uphold. He turned and carefully washed himself. He had an important engagement later that evening and had no more time to waste. Next door to Mr. Tom Cat lived two elderly cats, Miss Katty-Kat and her sister, Maisey. They hardly spoke to Mr. Tom Cat except when it was absolutely necessary. They whispered behind their paws about his loose living. They were scandalized but fascinated. When this particular rain started they came to the front door, hoping against hope that THIS time it would rain a kitten just for them. But when the rain stopped and no kitten appeared, they closed the door and went inside. “Maybe next time, Maisey,” said Miss Katty-Kat. “I won’t hold my breath!” said Maisey. * * * * * * * * * To read more about the adventures of this colorful village of furry friends grab yourself your very own copy of this delightful illustrated story about growing up and learning life's lesson!


About the Author

Barbara A. Cefalu

Barbara A. Cefalu is a musician/composer/author who has written several musicals and plays. The Adventures Of Patty-Cat And Kittle is not only a book with Illustrations by Emmanuel Saltis and Storyline Edits & Storyboard by Skyler Dennon, the team has turned it into a staged musical with a CD of the songs also available. Barbara lives with her cat, Puddy, in Florida, while the rest of the creative team reside in San Diego, CA.

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