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"Being a bully doesn't make you look good!"

Hazel may dress different but she loves the way she looks. At her new school Hazel is bullied over and over until one day the bully shows up at her front door as a slimy green toad!! What happens next may surprise you... "Don't Blame Hazel!" is a story that helps children recognize signs of bullying. It will encourage them to be themselves and empower them to maintain their individuality and confidence. They will discover that bullies have their own weaknesses, and that through understanding and forgiveness, a new friendship can be formed.


About the Author

R.G. Frazia

R.G. Frazia knows all about being "different"! When R.G. was a little girl she had tons of fun playing with those whom some people call "imaginary friends". She also loved to mix-match her clothes when everyone else seemed to match. R.G. did things the way she liked to do them. ...and yes, R.G. was bullied too. Today R.G. spends most of her time helping others in her healing practice, writing books, and enjoying quality time with her wonderful husband, and raising her two little girls. As you can see, no matter how different R.G. was or is, she has been a positive, inspirational, loving mentor to many and has helped change people's lives for the better. In the end, being different or just being "you" is good enough, no matter how hard it may sometimes seem. Never let anyone make you feel you must change who you are. Never be afraid to shine in your own special way! For more about the author please visit