Waking Up Emily

Antics And Inspiration While Patients Sleep

by K.Patrick Bonovich, M.D.


Book Details

A Provocative and Intriguing Narrative

The novel is based on the true life observations of the Anesthesia Department of a large metropolitan hospital as seen through the eyes of its members. It is often an irreverent, humorous, heart-warming and occasionally tear-jerking account of the professional lives of doctors, nurses, and paraprofessionals as they experience everyday issues associated with the delivery of health care. It is a glimpse into the tactics of those administering the services and the people who must operate daily within its environment.

Interprofessional diversities are visible in the endeavor to render a performance in essential or unforeseen circumstances. Provision of the relevant equipment and pharmaceuticals is depicted along with the dissimilar prospects of consequence versus cost. Personal opinions and deductions are frequently interjected, revealing not only personality quirks, but also the self esteem issues, of the individuals that make up the health care team.

A compilation of vignettes illustrating the daily activities that occur where there is a conflict of values creating a professional tug-of-war to provide a successful outcome in a life saving/preserving environment.

This book received 5 stars from Midwest Book Review, as a heartfelt pick very highly recommended.


About the Author

K.Patrick Bonovich, M.D.

The author is a physician with 40 years of experience in private practice. He has held hospital positions as CEO, President, and Medical Director.

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