Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website

How To Triple Your Web Sales In 25 Days

by Lance Jepsen

Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website

Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website

How To Triple Your Web Sales In 25 Days

by Lance Jepsen

Published Sep 05, 2008
180 Pages
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / General


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Direct Web Sales Start with Good Web Design

Many small business owners believe all that is needed for good website design is to hire a graphic artist to produce an "online brochure" for the company. That's fine, if you have no intention of using your website to generate actual sales. If your purpose is to make a direct sale through your website, it is crucial that you understand what good website design really is.

In Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden in Your Website, you'll discover how to design a direct sales website, how to write profitable sales copy, how to optimize your website for the major search engines-such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, and AOL Search-and how to use Google Adwords to your advantage.

You don't need flash animations or fancy graphics to have a good website. Good design is all about focusing your marketing message exactly as you want it, and presenting it in such a way that when your customers do arrive, they'll be ready to buy.

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Book Excerpt

Chapter Two

Days 2 and 3 Copywriting

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can not get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere."

- Lee Iacocca

This is not creative writing. Big words are not rewarded. Your one and only purpose for writing is to sell.

Your sales copy must get someone to send their credit card information off into cyberspace to a complete and total stranger. It sounds tough but when you learn the laws of marketing it is very easy.

The laws of marketing never change. They are the same today as they were yesterday. They will be the same tomorrow. These laws of marketing will never change because they are based on human nature, and human nature never changes.

Almost everything around us changes over time, but basic human nature stays the same. The sales letter writer’s job is to learn what psychological triggers cause people to buy, by learning the laws of human nature.

Writing A Billion Dollar Headline

The most important element of your sales copy is the headline. Your headline should have one purpose and one purpose only, to grab the attention of your prospect. A well crafted headline will make your prospect dive deeper into your sales copy.

Here is what the father of marketing, Claude Hopkins, has to say about headlines:

The purpose of headline is to pick out people you can interest. You wish to talk to someone in a crowd. So the first thing you say is, "Hey there, Bill Jones" to get the right persons attention.

So in an advertisement. What you have will interest certain people only, and for certain reasons. You care only for those people. Then create a headline which will hail those people only.

A property management company had trouble renting $1,400 per month apartments in an area where the average rent was $650. Worse, the apartments were located in a somewhat remote part of town.

I identified the USP of the apartments which was the large size.

In a print ad I wrote for the local apartment guide I used this headline: "Tired Of Paying Too Much Rent For Too Small A Home?"

The headline was a breath taking success contributing to a 900% increase in call volume and ultimately all the vacant units rented.

Notice the headline follows Claude Hopkins' principle that a headline is created to call only those people who feel their current apartment is too small out of the huge crowd of readers.

The headline writers at the National Inquirer are master marketers. People buy the National Inquirer entirely because of the headlines. People read the articles because they want to know the details that justify such amazing headlines.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Simply take the headlines created by the world's greatest marketers and change them to fit your needs and your sales will explode.

The key elements of a great headline are:

1) Grabs Attention

2) Creates Curiosity

3) Uses Specificity

4) Makes A Promise

5) Makes An Offer

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These headlines are aimed at hooking your reader.

Notice that nearly every one of these headlines taps into a fear or an anxiety people have.

The headlines create curiosity, telling the prospect what the big benefit is without giving away any answers.

The word “secret” gets people's attention. People want to discover secrets that will make their life better. Secret implies almost no one knows about it.

The word "WARNING:" makes your prospects take notice.

Notice the principle of specificity is often used in these headlines. Numbering the ways or items in your headline is very effective. A number implies that the solution to their problem is easy and achievable.

The Blueprint For Billion Dollar Sales Copy

Now that you have chosen a headline, let us examine what your body copy should be about.

The key elements of a great sales letter are:

1) Defines A Problem

Identify the problem of your prospects and how it can be solved with your product or service.

2) Explains Why The Problem Has Not Been Solved Yet

Why has the problem not been solved? If the problem has been solved, you really have no point in selling your product or service online. Your copy must show why the problem still exists.

Think about why this problem is still a concern for your prospect. Maybe existing solutions were not comprehensive enough, or too expensive.

3) Explains What Life Will Be Like Without The Problem

Paint a picture of what life will be without your prospects problem. Will solving the problem make your prospects happier? Can they spend more time with their family? Will they be able to afford a house or quit their day job? Create a dream of what is possible once the problem is solved.

4) Tells How Your Product/Service Achieves The Solution

Describe how your product or service makes the picture you previously painted possible.

This is often called your product’s USP (unique selling proposition). What is a USP? A USP answers the question, “Why should I do business with you instead of your competitors?”

The USP clearly defines your competitive advantage and states what makes you better than your competitors.

5) Call To Action

Finally you need to clearly state what you want your customers to do. Should they sign up to receive more information? Make a purchase?

The First Sentence Is The Most Important

The first line, immediately under your headline, is the most important line in your sales copy. The purpose of your first sentence is to...


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Lance Jepsen

Lance Jepsen is the founder of Confab Publishing, a website design, marketing, and education business in California. His print ads, sales letters, and Internet marketing strategies have generated more than $10,000,000 for clients over the last decade.

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