The Third Bucket

Living It And Filling It

by Richard Cope and Randy Brunson


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The Third Bucket

You have many hidden talents, in both skills and resources. What if you could use those business skills and the un-monetized capital in your company to impact the world. The Third Bucket, a modern-day parable will show you how.


About the Author

Richard Cope and Randy Brunson

RICHARD COPE is Founder and CEO of NanoLumens and a serial entrepreneur who has raised over $100 million in capital. He is a visionary leader with over 30 years of experience and results. He has been a CEO, President, CTO, Combat Commander, Venture Capitalist, Investor and Fundraiser. He has extensive High-Tech, High-Growth experience that quickly moves companies from research to sustainable revenue. RANDY BRUNSON is founder and CEO of Centurion Advisory Group,, a fee-only wealth management and multi-family office firm. Brunson has invested his career helping business owners and other high net worth individuals make informed decisions about their lives and money. He continues to apply and teach the strategic and tactical aspects of integrating life, money, and giving.