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The Staff and The Sword: The Story Begins

In the middle of the jungles of Peru, an earthquake exposes a building deep within a crack in the earth. World-renowned archeologist Dr. Henry Jedidiah is asked to take his team into Peru. They discover ancient scrolls and tablets, which propel the Jedidiah family onto a path toward an artifact stolen thousands of years ago, to protect the world. Throwing caution to the wind, they ignore all the warnings written in the scrolls and tablets. Believing the warnings are nothing but superstitions, the Jedidiah family are compelled to find this artifact. Upon finding it, one man is propelled to great power, while all life on earth—plant, animal, and mankind—is being destroyed. The Jedidiah family must race against time, searching the scrolls and tablets to find the answer, to find the one who can save the world before it’s too late…but they make unexpected discoveries instead. With nothing left, the Jedidiah family must trust the staff and the sword. This vivid, richly character-driven epic adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Book Excerpt

The darkness enveloped him as he turned off the lights. John Elias lay in his bed and lit a cigarette as he thought about his day, his eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. John’s heart had become encrusted by the scars that had been left in his life. One day he had been happy and overnight his life was filled with pain. A voice in his head kept telling him to get out of his pity and move on with his life. Ten years had passed since John’s divorce, but he still had conversations with himself. The voice in his head would say, “Get over yourself, and move on.” Then John would go to sleep. This night it was going to be different, though. John wanted to press the issue a little further. He spoke out into the dark. “What does that mean? Where am I supposed to move on to? My wife is gone. The world has pushed me aside. Where do you want me to go? I am where I am, with no purpose left in my life. I’m getting tired of waiting. It seems as though no one cares. Come on, John. Why don’t you answer me? Or, can you only say, ‘Get over yourself and move on?’ Well, I’m getting tired of hearing it and want to know when is it going to be time? Come on, John, answer that, when am I going to have purpose again? When is it going to be, time?” John sat back in the darkness. The voice was silent. John felt he must have really pissed it off. The voice had no purpose anyway, except to frustrate him. He decided to light another cigarette. He pulled the sheets up to his waist, and sat back. He watched the glow of his cigarette as he took a draw, then stared out into the darkness. The silence was broken by a loud noise. John felt his bed shake. It sounded as though someone had banged against a wall, in his living room, downstairs. John decided to investigate. Before leaving his room, John grabbed a baseball bat. He also picked up a flashlight. He decided not to turn it on, so as not to alarm whoever was there, as he made his way towards them. His eyes had adjusted to the dark. He figured he could hide in the dark and surprise whoever was there. John made his way down the short hallway, being careful not to make a sound. When he arrived at the top of the stairs, he leaned over the railing, to see if he could see anyone. There was no sound, but he did smell a foul smell. He listened for a while then he could make out someone breathing. It sounded like a gurgling sound, as if the person was having trouble breathing. With the smell and sound, John figured some homeless person broke into his home. He felt the floor vibrate as the intruder walked around. John thought this person must be big and wondered if he would need more protection than what he was carrying. He couldn’t think of anything else he might have. John decided to stay down and work his way down the stairs, one-step at a time. He carefully set his foot on each step, pausing in between. John got to the landing where the stairs made a turn. The floor creaked. John stopped. He held his breath. The intruder moved towards the stairs. Without a sound, John laid the flashlight down. Both hands nestled on the baseball bat ready to strike. The intruder moved closer. John readied himself, making sure to stay back, so as not to be seen. His breathing grew shallow, as he gripped the bat tighter. The intruder stood there for what seemed an eternity to John, but never moved towards him. John, slowly, tried to lean forward to see what was going on, but was afraid that he would make a noise if he moved too far. His heartbeat pulsed in his ears. Surely, this intruder could hear it. The stench coming from the intruder was horrible, his breathing rough. He felt the stairway shake, and could hear scraping along the handrail. John stood, frozen, as minutes passed. He prepared himself for the intruder strike he knew would be coming. The only thing that came to John’s mind was, ‘What’s going on?’ The voice in his head decided to speak. “See what happens when you piss me off?” John ignored the voice. The intruder pounded on the handrail, as John tightened his grip on the bat’s handle. John heard a grunt. He heard the intruder take one-step then another. With each step, John felt the floor shake. The intruder was moving away. John took a deep breath and let it out. The footsteps stopped. John readied the bat. More minutes passed then John heard the intruder move away. The door to his kitchen opened as the intruder went inside. Slowly, John moved across the landing, towards the downward flight of stairs. His only hope was that the darkness in the room would hide him. It hit John that he had left his flashlight on the landing. He stretched his arm backward in an attempt to grab it, but it was out of his reach. He had to go back up a couple of stairs, to the landing, so he could reach it. He again moved down the stairs, one-step at a time. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he heard the intruder at the kitchen door. The intruder was coming towards him. Light from a street lamp filtered through the windows casting the room in shades of gray. The kitchen door opened. What John saw was not human. When it came through the door, it was on all fours. John immediately thought it was some kind of dog that had somehow broke into his home. As it came through the door, it raised onto its hind legs and spread a pair of wings, which must have been ten-feet across. Its head was almost touching the ceiling, but the creature was humped over. It had pointed ears and glowing red eyes. The creature looked straight at John. John couldn’t move. Fear gripped every muscle in John’s body. He knew he was going to die. John was sure, this thing must have come from some other planet, because it sure wasn’t from any place on earth, and it was staring him down. It stood there, staring at John, and John wasn’t moving. Tears welled up in John’s eyes. This thing was going to move towards him and, well, the baseball bat and flashlight didn’t seem like enough protection. John thought about the voice in his head. He spoke out into the dark. “I didn’t mean to piss you off.” The voice spoke clearly, in his head. “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” The voice added, “Use the sword I have given you.” John looked down at his hands. Astonishment filled his eyes, for the baseball bat and flashlight were lying at his feet, and he was now holding, a magnificent sword. John pushed back his shoulders, stood, and held up the sword. The metal glowed brightly; the creature moved towards him. John brought the sword back and swung with all his might. As he struck the creature, a bright flash filled the entire room. John had to shield his eyes. He felt himself falling. He heard a loud screeching scream then the room went quiet. When John opened his eyes, the room was dark and the creature was gone. John lay on the floor, in a pool of sweat. He sat up, looked at the sword for a moment, and then laid it on the floor beside him. He put his hands over his face, and let out a sigh of relief. John felt something touch his shoulder. As he turned, another bright light blinded him. John felt a feeling of dizziness come over him. As he was losing consciousness, he heard the voice say, “It is time.”


About the Author

T. K. Kohl

T.K. Kohl has a bachelor’s degree from Logos Christian College. Much of his life has been spent working in the technical field and customer service. He is the proud father of two adult sons, whom he considers to be his greatest accomplishments. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing the world of his imagination to life through fiction.



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