A Process Mind

by Richards P. Lyon, M.D.


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This anecdotal writing details Dr. Lyons’ journey to discovering his mind to be that of process, forced in that direction by his inability to quickly memorize.

Dr. Lyons was known in medical school as “the guy who asks the dumb questions.” As things turn out, the dumb questions led to remarkable and lasting answers. This story is meant to encourage parents and teachers, and finally the young, themselves, to recognize and appreciate their process potentials.

Robert Rose of Readers Favorite says this book is “worth reading and could inspire anyone to live a more effective life”.


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About the Author

Richards P. Lyon, M.D.

Richards Lyon was born and raised in Piedmont, California into a family where values were unequivocal, demonstrated time and again throughout his narrative.

He initially majored in Engineering to make sure college years were best spent until recognizing that his requirement for success would be satisfied only in this profession devoted to service. He then narrowed his focus to medicine. After his brother’s passing, he was determined to be “Effective” for two, not just one. He became a urologist and throughout training and practice years, he found himself constantly recognizing and solving problems. His engineering disciplines and his Process Mind were the driving forces.

In retirement he has sought to describe how this type of mind works, and seeks to encourage parents and children alike to be encouraged as this talent is recognized. Retirement has brought no change in the pace of creativity that the Process Mind provides.

Now 93, with the intent to remain “Effective” his story is about accomplishment only as it relates to a life well lived in the right place at the right time. Dr. Lyons has been honored many times throughout his career – including a recent feature in the William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History’s Hometown Heroes online column.