The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott


by Michael Oborn


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Was Joseph Smith the Hugh Hefner of the early 1800s? The similarities were staggering…

Matthew Alcott is saved by five working girls at Betty’s whorehouse when he wakes up after being drugged, stripped naked, and left for dead in the blistering heat of Death Valley, Nevada by an unknown assailant. What would you do if you were offered $2,000,000 for your unpublished manuscript? What insanity would provoke you to refuse the offer? How would you feel if you were fired because you were too good at your job? How bad would you feel if your father said you were his greatest disappointment? These were not Matthew’s biggest problem. To save his Cate Lynn he finds himself in a desperate race through three states. Critics have likened Oborn's The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Where Symbologist Robert Langdon is drawn through Paris and Great Britton to solve the code, Oborn’s hero is on a desperate race through New York and Salt Lake City to answer the mystery of the last revelation.


Book Excerpt

“My Bishop threatened excommunication. What was I supposed to do?” Paul said. Paul, Matt’s brother was an attorney. They were in his office, down town Salt Lake City. Secretary perfect was standing between them. He knew if he hit Paul again he would have to fight her too. All very odd, Paul could kick his ass any day of the week. “Screw you! Screw your Bishop,” Matt uttered, almost a whisper. “Do you know what happens to your family when they excommunicate you?” Paul demanded. “You ever had a vodka enema?” Matt countered. Paul blinked. Secretary Perfect turned white. “Had to be you gave me up. Any idea where I have been for two weeks?” “You don’t look like you were hurt,” she said. Matt put the whiskey down, walked to the end of the desk, turned, and dropped his pants. Secretary let out a shriek could pierce armor. There on both cheeks of Matt’s white buttocks were the partially healed scars of his sadistic captor. It looked like someone had played tic-tac-toe with a knife. “I was told they needed to talk to you, that’s all,” Paul said. Matt hitched up his pants, reached for the whiskey. “Christ, Paul. I don’t even drink vodka.”


About the Author

Michael Oborn

Actor, director, retired drunk. Michael is a Chemical Dependency Professional works with addicts and their families. He is affiliated with SAFE CALL NOW, a nonprofit organization involved with police and firefighters. "Our first responders have the most difficult job in our society. As a result of the high stress and injury rates they have a suicide rate almost three times that of us, the citizen they protect and serve. Most of that number suffer the disease of addiction. Very few people realize this." About my writing: If you like a writing style that takes three pages to discribe a doily look elsewhere. If you like Charles Bukowski or Edward Abbey I'm your man. Mine has been called a Karate style. People either hate my writing or they love it. The only people you can really trust are your enemies. Michael states, "He is spoiled rotten by his sweetheart of 22 years."



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