Tales of a Southern Palazzo

A Memoir

by John Clark McCall, Jr.


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Being Dead Is No Excuse authors Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays confide: “We wish that we had written this book! It takes the Crocheted Bedpan Award. Every Southerner should read John’s book. Laughter is good for what ails you and John will make you laugh.” Tales of a Southern Palazzo reads like fiction although it is a loving memoir of a “complex, twisted, and highly fragrant story” about Moultrie, Georgia that is basically true! Using a “singularly distinctive mansion that cements all of the Southern waywardness” as a backdrop, Tales recounts the hilarious and oftentimes unbelieveable events that have occurred during the tenure of three Southern bachelors within and without its Palladian walls. At the axis of these stories is the author’s aunt, Alyce McCall who struggles to keep “her” neighborhood homogenized and free of anything but the norm prescribed by this small town well below the Mason-Dixon Line. The author includes a “tell it all” treatise on his family and friends and the stories they have lived. From the celebrated Cloister Hotel on Sea Island, Georgia to the dove fields of Colquitt County, Tales of a Southern Palazzo celebrates the uniqueness of tragedy and humor in the deep South, defying the reader to discern which is which! Cover illustration by the author.


About the Author

John Clark McCall, Jr.

John Clark McCall, Jr. was born in Vidalia, Georgia. After graduating from Georgia State University with degrees in Journalism and Governmental Administration he has pursued careers in art, college administration, interior design, and concertizing as a theatre organist. McCall has contributed articles on theatre history and architecture to numerous magazines and journals. He currently makes his home in Valdosta, Georgia and St. Augustine, Florida with his partner, Mitch Parker. This is his first book.



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