The Heart Ages, But It Doesn't Grow Old

by Steven C. Scheer

The Heart Ages, But It Doesn't Grow Old

The Heart Ages, But It Doesn't Grow Old

by Steven C. Scheer

Published May 16, 2008
184 Pages
Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)


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Advance Praise for The Heart Ages, But It Doesn't Grow Old

"Steven C. Scheer's stories move us back and forth with questions about life and death, time and eternity, sex and love, and organically weave their tales around us. Scheer's enthusiasm for life penetrates every page of his work, and his metaphysical musings remain with us long after the eye leaves the pages and the book is returned to the shelf."

- John William McMullen, author of Poor Souls and other novels.

"Steven C. Scheer's stories masterfully explore the nuances and metaphysics that make up life. From memories of the carnal mélée of impetuous youth to the quiet reflections of impending old age, his irreverent honesty and seasoned wit enliven our hearts and rehabilitate the happy child that still gambols inside each of us."

- Daniel McCasoway, author of Letters from Eden and the forthcoming Seventh Illumination of Kefram Andemov.


Book Excerpt

Ah, stories of love. Can anything in this world beat them? Well, the real thing can, I am sure. But then the real thing is also always a "story" of love, too. Jennifer and I didn't make love that night. We spoke till the wee hours of the morning. We spoke of many things, but in the end the subject always came back to love. And how time cannot put a dent into it. How we are young at heart, no matter how many years have been piled up on our shoulders. Love is ageless, we said. Perhaps it's not timeless, but it's definitely ageless.


About the Author

Steven C. Scheer

Steven C. Scheer is a retired professor of English, the author of several previously published books and many essays. The Heart Ages, But It Doesn't Grow Old is his first work of fiction. It consists of love stories for the young at heart. Samples of his writings can be read on his Web site at: