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A story of friendship and change

Sophomore Shelly Kilpatrick fears the life she knows is over when her father’s job has the family moving to Cape Town, South Africa. Her sister, Mei, is fine with all this, but what does a five-year-old know? As the family prepares for the move, Shelly continues with life as usual at Jackson High School. But soon the dreaded day arrives and good-byes are said. Expecting the worse, Shelly leaves the familiar behind to live in a place thousands of miles away. What will life be like in South Africa? Adjustments to a new school, different culture, and new friends feed into the theme of nothing ever stays the same. Eventually, Shelly learns how to let go of her fears and treats the unknown as an adventure. Sprinkled throughout "Ride the Wave" are teenage issues of jealousy, rivalry, and new love. This realistic, fictional story is not only fast-moving and humorous, but also reflects the colors, smells, sights and sounds of South Africa.


Book Excerpt

"Shelly, whatcha thinking about?" asked Amy pulling me out of my trance. I turned my head from the window. "Nothing much, just wondering how it must feel to be a pumpkin. You know, one day everyone is excited about you. They carve a funny face and place you in a special spot in the window so you're admired by the world. Then a couple weeks later you're tossed outside, ignored, and ready for the compost pile." "You can be so weird," Amy laughed. "How do you come up with this stuff?" "It's a gift I have," I laughed as I pointed out the window. "See that decayed pumpkin abandoned over there amongst the pile of leaves?" "What about it?" "It reflects my mood. Amy, don't you hate riding this bus?" "No kidding, but what's the alternative?" "Absolutely none. Won't turn sixteen until June and riding with other kids is out." "Yeah, parents can be weird about those kinds of things. Anyway, next year this time we'll have wheels." I looked over at her and smiled. "What?" Amy asked. "You know, I've known you since first grade and not much has changed." Amy scrunched her eyebrows and looked directly into my eyes. "Is that good or bad?"


About the Author

Freddie Remza

Freddie Remza is a retired teacher who decided to combine her love of writing with her passion for travel and experiencing different world cultures. Freddie has traveled extensively abroad including South Africa where much of the research for this story took place.

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