by Randall D. Howard


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The Vietnam War, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., peace marches, love-ins, and the fusion of blues with jazz....all from a fresh perspective.

The Baby Boomer generation. Who knew what that phrase would come to represent when it was coined? We had the highest standard of living, saw the most advanced technological changes, lived through wars in foreign countries and in our cities’ streets, and set musical genres and fashion trends that some of us would like to forget. We were invincible. This book revisits those times, bringing back the pride of what we did right, and making plans to improve what we could have done better. Unabashedly, I now present these events with a remorse that I personally didn’t find Jesus Christ until later in life.


Book Excerpt

I had been touched by the messages from Billy Graham and shocked by the tragedy of JFK's assassination, but these were momentary interruptions to my self-centered mission in life. They were like ripples caused by skipping stones across the pond. There is a momentary impact, but the ripples soon dissipate with no lasting effect or noticeable difference. It was easier and more entertaining to glue myself to our Zenith console television set and engross myself in the antics of Barney Fife, Mr. Ed, Lucille Ball, or the other comedic pioneers of early television.


About the Author

Randall D. Howard

Mr. Howard holds a B.S. degree in marketing with a minor in economics from Illinois State University. In addition, he received his MBA from the University of Illinois. He is also a registered CPA and a certified Management Accountant (CMA). His business career has spanned 30 years, working for a public accounting firm, a Fortune 50 manufacturer, and running his own business. Calling All Boomers is his first book in which he draws on many of his experiences from the business world.

He prefers to be called Randy by his friends, and he considers everyone to be his friend. He lives in Washington, IL with his wife, Kris, and their three children, Matt, Jenny, Linney.

His other passions include automobiles, travel, and participating in disaster relief efforts.

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