Pentdoku Puzzles Volume 1

by Dale Maron


Book Details

Logical Brain Teasers

Keep your brain sharp with this brand-new collection of puzzles—with a twist. Each puzzle is designed to be solved with logic and deductive reasoning. The shapes and colors move you past linear reasoning to help you determine solutions to what you see with your eyes and reason with your brain. Pentdoku Puzzles are fun, challenging, and totally unique. But watch out—they’re also addictive!


About the Author

Dale Maron

Dale Maron is a general contractor and businessman who uses practical reasoning skills every day to find solutions in his daily work. Dale has always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, and other games, and Pentdoku Puzzles are a result of his many years of problem solving and looking for a fun way to occupy his time. Visit his website at



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