Out of Order

A Cartoon Odyssey

by John Crowther


Book Details

"Not that I have anything against a good laugh, but a good cartoon should do more than just make us laugh, it should make us stop and think. That's what John Crowther's cartoons do." -Angie Dickinson

"Unlike the figure in the opening cartoon, this book requires no 'little push...just to get me started.' This is comic commentary of a very high order indeed. From first to final page, the marriage of line and language is a wholly happy one, and anyone who joins John Crowther's flights of fancy will be airborne from the start."

-Nicholas Delbanco, author, Robert Frost Distinguished University Professor, University of Michigan


About the Author

John Crowther

John Crowther has juggled multiple careers as writer, director, actor, and artist his entire life. His work as a cartoonist has appeared in MAD magazine as well as being a regular feature of various Internet websites. John posts a new cartoon daily on his blog, www.the-fools-journey.blogspot.com, and the wide range of his activities as an artist can be viewed on his website www.jcrowtherart.com.