On the Threshold of Christmas

by Doris Birdwell Hankamer


Book Details

Children’s Christmas Story: The Bible “On the Threshold of Christmas”

Matthew and Luke are the only two New Testament books in the Bible that record the Biblical Christmas story. Christian parents, caregivers, and teachers are encouraged by pastors and Bible teachers to use, or include, the Holy Word for family devotionals and for Biblical instruction when teaching and instilling truths and principles about the Christmas season. My book, “On the Threshold of Christmas”, was written to complement children’s Bible studies and special devotional times when a family gathers around their Christmas tree or kitchen table to share the story of the Messiah’s birth. Through poetic verse and vivid illustrations, the rhythmic tempo of the book will encourage comprehension of events and knowledge of the sequential order leading up to the birth of Jesus. Churches and private schools could easily adapt the book’s vivid story and capture its beauty through performance, role play, or fun impromptu reenactments. Children learn best when having fun and being creative. The book, “On the Threshold of Christmas”, was specifically written for children five years old through eleven years old, but, also, consider the other end of the spectrum. If you visit retirement communities, nursing homes, or if you are a caregiver to an elderly person who cherishes the Christmas season then this book would be a lovely gift to share with those family members or friends.


About the Author

Doris Birdwell Hankamer

I am a retired elementary teacher. When I taught, I valued and searched for picture books that would capture and inspire a child’s imagination and participation. If children swayed to a chant, mimicked a character, or illustrated scenes, then I knew I had a winner. Doris Birdwell Hankamer lives in the historical village of Salado, Texas with her husband and their schnauzer, Lizzy.