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An Alaskan native moves to a quiet town in Florida, where he is immediately attracted to a natural beauty with magnetic charm. Soon afterward, he begins to realize that his new love interest might not be the perfect image that she portrays, as she begins to show signs of mystical powers that are linked to her equally surprising past. 'Mystic Tides' is the first of a Y/A Fiction Series that was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid'. It takes place 200 years later and even has ties to the original tale.


About the Author

C.J. Godwin

Author C.J. Godwin began writing 'Mystic Tides', the first of this new series, back in 2011 while working in Atlanta at Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport. She grew up in the small town of Temple, GA and currently resides in Metro Atlanta with her husband, new daughter and a rescued kitty named Yin.



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