Moral Capital

Its Meaning and Significance

by Senyo Adjibolosoo


Book Details

Living Consciously through Moral Growth

This book is written to help those who are interested in knowing and understanding what moral capital is and how to develop it. The contents of this book focus on how anyone interested in attaining greater insights into the moral sphere of life can develop it. It is argued in this book that to enhance the quality of life one must develop his or her moral capital. Moral capital is critical for personal quality of life, enhanced quality of life, and a peaceful community. Without a well-developed moral capital, it is impossible for any people to build and sustain a community of great tranquility, love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness.


About the Author

Senyo Adjibolosoo

Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo (PhD) teaches economics at the Fermanian School of Business, Point Loma Nazarene University. He is a Preacher and Master Class Educator in spiritual formation and moral development. His expertise is in econometrics, spiritual capital, and spiritual intimacy formation. He writes inspirational poetry and conducts seminars on Marriage Enrichment, Leadership Development, and principle-centered living. He is involved in international development. While his vision for the establishment of the Human Factor Leadership Academy at Akatsi in Ghana is aimed at improving the human quality, the mission is producing honest and compassionate leaders for nation building. Senyo is a prolific scholar.

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