How Is My Champion?

A Fathers' Advice on Creating Value In Life!

by H. Perry Curtis


Book Details

A heart-warming, meaningful “read” that will create value in your life! The foundation of a true loving relationship disclosed!

“What we ‘live’ speaks much more convincingly than what we may ‘say.’ A child will become what he observes, what he experiences from the example lived by the parent. Perry Curtis sets forth a convincing example of responsible parenting, of leadership by example, in this great exchange with his daughter Kim.” —Ed Foreman, U. S. Congressman, (Rtd.), Texas and New Mexico


Book Excerpt

This book is a true love story; the story of the love between a wonderful caring father and his loving daughter. These two champions of life should be the role models for all parents and their children. Honest communication, respect, acceptance and understanding are the foundation of a true loving relationship that will get even stronger with time. Dr Leonard Coldwell - The Champion Maker 19 times Best Selling Author I laughed, smiled and even cried while reading different letters and found Perry's positive, upbeat letters inspiring. This book is important for any Dad to read who accepts the responsibility to help guide our children through their development years and build a strong foundation for their life ahead." Robb Temple Executive Vice President, Independent Bank "This book is an absolute must read. It will touch the heart of anyone who has had a child or even someone who was simply a child at one point. I highly recommend everyone to read this book with an open heart and let their own healing begin!" Dr. Robin C. Hyman, DC, LCP, FRC


About the Author

H. Perry Curtis

H. Perry Curtis, MBA has served as director for several privately held corporations and has served as a voting member on various Oversight Committees and Credit Committees. Mr. Curtis enjoys passing on what he has learned during his career, and has served as Vice Chairman and Lecturer - Finance/Real Estate Department at The University of Texas at Arlington and Associate Professor of Business at Collin College. Mr. Curtis holds an MBA from Baylor University and a BA from the University of South Alabama. A speaker at numerous personal development, personal finance and investment seminars, Mr. Curtis is also the author of numerous articles on investment, finance, and life in general.