Hired to Defend

by Madelyn I. Sawyer


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Maggie Stewart didn’t get the nickname “Mad Dog Stewart” without reason. She’s determined and tough, meeting the rigorous physical and personal requirements to serve as a Federal Air Marshal—a job that allows her to travel the world, but also demands the very best she has to give, under stressful circumstances. Traveling armed and in teams, Maggie faces danger and tragedy that most people see only in the movies. Maggie’s life changes professionally and personally when she leaves the air marshal cadre for a promotion to a Supervisory Special Agent. The stress and politics intensify, but the terrorist plots aren’t slowing down. From California to Washington DC, Maggie’s field experience and dedication are put to the test every day—and she is faced with personal sacrifices that her calling requires. This exciting real-life story is a compelling portrait of a woman who rose to a position of incredibly demanding accountability, and who faced life and death decisions. Travel along with Maggie and learn the reality of what it means to serve and protect—both in the air and behind the scenes!


About the Author

Madelyn I. Sawyer

Madelyn Sawyer’s aviation career ranged from the United States Navy to the FAA to working as a flight attendant. She’s soloed in a Cessna-150, has an FAA Dispatcher’s License, worked in crew scheduling for an airline, and has taught water survival classes to pilots and flight attendants. She was in management with the FAA and TSA before retiring in January 2013. Madelyn has two children and four grandchildren. She is an avid hiker, runner, and paddle boarder. She lives in California. In addition to writing and her outdoors/fitness interests, she also owns a clothing company called Grandmothers on the Run (.com). Madelyn’s blog and books can be found at www.mis-inks.com.

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