Hanover Easy

A Novel

by Debra P. Whitehead


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What Do You Do When a Dead Man Moves to Town?

Millie would not be intimidated, not by the likes of him. As if he read her thoughts, his mouth curled at one corner in a crude caricature of a smile. A wave of foreboding clawed its way up her spine. She was going to regret selling him the house...

Hanover, Tennessee is a community of honest family values and simple pleasures, a place comfortably wrapped in generations of sameness. For real estate agent Millie DuBoise, it's the perfect place to build her own business, and she finds herself both financially and emotionally independent for the first time in her life. Still, maybe she shouldn't have sold the house to the Mitchells.

Pam Lindsey also lives in Hanover, the third generation of her family to do so. She's loved its peace and the stability it brings, although she could, she admits, stand for a little excitement now and then. And she'll get her wish-in ways she'd never suspect-when her friend Millie sells a house to the mysterious and somewhat sinister Leon Mitchell. To start with, Leon Mitchell, from Cleveland Ohio, is supposed to be dead...


About the Author

Debra P. Whitehead

Debra P. Whitehead is a lifelong resident of Tennessee, where she lives with her husband. She has written numerous short stories, poems, and children’s stories. Her other novels include Into the Light: A Phantom of the Opera Story, published by Outskirts Press. Into the Light won a 2007 EVVY Merit Award for fiction. To learn more about Ms. Whitehead and her upcoming projects, visit her on the Web at HanoverEasy.com.

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