Getting The Best From Your Bees

by David MacFawn / Chris Slade


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Advanced Beginner / Lower Level Intermediate Honeybee Book

Beekeeping programs in the United States have historically focused on theoretical test questions and answers but have not included extensive practical hive manipulation techniques. This book explores practical in-hive techniques that should be learned by at least an advanced beginner level, beekeeping year 2, and fully utilized by the Master Beekeeping level. Other techniques exist, but we listed what we thought were the most important techniques. This advanced beginner book is international in scope. The authors are from the South Eastern United States and United Kingdom. We hope we bring this diversity and beekeeping commonality to this text. The concept for this book was born at the Virginia Tech Winchester Virginia Research Center USA, for ways to improve management of the research colonies. One of the overall themes of this book is you need to go with the natural tendency of the bees to be successful. You need to learn what “normal” is for a beehive. “All beekeeping is local” and what might work in Alaska may not apply in Australia. We advise beekeepers to join their local Beekeepers’ Association and apply the techniques described in this book after discussion with more experienced members. The Association will also be able to advise on the current state of the law locally. I was discussing bees with someone at work and mentioned what I learned years ago from Dr. John Ambrose the North Carolina State Apiarists, United States at North Carolina State University. John said to be successful with bees you need to understand enough about their nature such that you do things supportive of their nature and not against their nature. The bees know better what they are doing than the beekeeper. Watch and listen to the bees.


About the Author

David MacFawn / Chris Slade

David Elgie MacFawn: David has kept bees in Maryland (Dark German bees), Virginia (Italian), North Carolina (Italian), Colorado (Russian), and South Carolina (Italian and Russian Hybrid). David is a sideline beekeeper in the Columbia South Carolina, USA area. He is a North Carolina Master Craftsman Beekeeper, Co Founded the South Carolina Master Beekeeping Program, South Carolina Beekeeper of the Year, Assisted Dr. Fell at Virginia Tech in the Virginia Master Beekeeping Program, Incorporated the South Carolina Beekeepers Association as a 501C3 Non Profit Corporation, Published several (over five) articles in the American Bee Journal. David is a beekeeper and has co-authored this book for the practicing beekeeper. David has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Operations Research. Chris Slade: This book is dedicated to Arthur Worth who taught me beekeeping in 1977. He was keeping his head down in a shell hole in Flanders in 1917 when he saw bees working the poppies unconcerned by all the carnage. It was then that he decided, if he survived, he would become a beekeeper.

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