Fritzi Finds a New Home

by Nellie Branan


Book Details

Abandoned and afraid, Fritzi searches for a new home. Left alone in a deep woods, Fritzi realizes that no one will be coming to rescue him. He is terrified by a violent thunderstorm and becomes truly lost. He then determines to find his own way out of the woods and to search for a new home. Chased, attacked, and rejected time and again on his long journey, Fritzi is injured and tired and hungry. But he continues on, bravely clinging to the hope of finding a new home where someone will welcome him and he can feel safe.


Book Excerpt

I was hungry and it was getting dark. I really wanted to see Lady and Baby. I wanted to go home! But I didn't know where home was. Nobody came after me. I was all alone in the dark forest, and I was afraid!


About the Author

Nellie Branan

Nellie Branan's story is based on a real dog who came to their house as a forlorn, bedraggled stray with soulful eyes begging for someone to love him. She and her husband considered Fritzi a special blessing because he gave them unconditional love and loyalty. The pleasure he brought to their lives filled a void that they had not known existed. Nellie is a retired English teacher and her husband, Bud, a retired mechanic. They live in rural Ohio and their lives revolve around home and an extensive family.