The First and Last Kiss

A Wonderful Friendship

by Evenson Dufour


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The First and Last Kiss

“A smoothly written and captivating true story that is capable of making people think, laugh, and cry.” – Marie T. Vancol ********************************************************************************************* “Evenson Dufour is an exceptional thinker who can actually write, and he has a vivid style which is original to his creative mind. He will have a brilliant future because he believes in education as the only way to improve his life. Readers will be fascinated by this story.” – Marc-kendy Michel


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I want to warn you that this story is charming and moving, so don’t miss a sentence from each chapter because this book is going to switch on a sleeping light in you. I am more than convinced that you will love it. This book is very easy to read, but it is an extraordinary book, for it is touching. I am sure you won’t soon forget it. What happens nowadays is that millions of people can’t really enjoy the best outcomes from friendship because of uncontrollable male voracity to have sex. Why a girl or a woman often has to say, for example, I don’t understand what he wants from me. I love sex more than any other man on earth, but I didn’t let this physiological need interfere or stop me from enjoying the true and pure friendship love that I developed with Yvalia. Only one thing that happened between her and me was the First and Last Kiss.

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About the Author

Evenson Dufour

Evenson Dufour is currently prospecting for a PhD program. He has earned a Master's degree of Business Administration (M.B.A) with a concentration on Global Management at Nova Southeastern University-- Huizenga Business School, a unique school among Florida business schools and the only school in the nation with entrepreneurship in its name. He has earned a Bachelor degree from Florida International University where he was placed on Dean's list since the first semester and admitted to the Honor College Society. He is a permanent member of the PI Sigma Alpha -The National Political Science Honor Society and Delta Epsilon Iota -Academic Honor Society. He was consecutively placed on the Dean's List and on the President's Academic Honor List for excellent academic achievement at Palm Beach State College. He studied social sciences at State University of Haiti. He has a certificate of proficiency in accounting and business mathematics from Ecole de Commerce Julien Craan, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is the author of the following books: Compilation: Samples of Essays and Paragraphs for College Students; President Obama and his Three Main Conservative Opponents: Who's right? Who's wrong?; Dreams: an Incomprehensible Aspect of Communication; The First and Last Kiss.

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