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Focus Your Will to Achieve Your Intent

Dragon Lore exists deeply imprinted within all major cultures throughout history and time. Depicted as huge monstrosities of elemental force, Dragons have been linked, in legend and myth, with both the creation and destruction of the world. They have battled gods on the side of both good and evil, they have collected huge hoards of treasure, and they have unlocked the mysteries of the universe. They are feared for their massive strength, renowned for their superb intellect, and revered for their magnificent wisdom. They represent something beyond what we, as humans, can grasp in matters of all things finite. Within the pages of Dragon Within, you will read poems spanning topics such as love, anger, power, battle, erotica, sadness and death. You will see the darkness of each word penned upon pages made red with blood and pain, yet washed clean by the powers of hope, redemption and love. You will feel a passion and intensity of purpose stemming from a current hidden deep within. Each of us hides this current of identity so deeply that it can be accessed only when you release your Dragon Within.


About the Author

Roberto Vecchi

Born and raised in Royal Oak Michigan, Roberto Vecchi began writing shortly after college. He has held many jobs and professions, but his passion for writing and martial arts has remained constant. He currently runs a restaurant, is a father of four wonderful children, and is developing the martial arts form “The Way of Expression”.