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Joe Waltz is the great-grandson of the famous Lost Dutchman, Jacob Waltz. The location of the gold mine was lost with the death of Joe's grandmother, or so he thought. His parents have been loose-lipped about their heritage, a mistake that forces them into hiding, and now places their lives in jeopardy because of an eavesdropping con man, bent on obtaining the treasure at any cost. Joe's ex-girlfriend, now privy to his true identity, also joins in the search, and has enlisted the help of her bumbling brother and friend in her plot. With clues left by his late grandmother now surfacing, Joe's life and the famous Lost Dutchman's gold are in growing peril.


Book Excerpt

It came as no surprise to Frijole Joe, when he drove to the rear entrance of his restaurant, that his girlfriend of five months, Melanie Fairbanks, had once again usurped his reserved parking spot. She had made a habit of doing so over the past couple of months, something he chose to think of as endearing rather than irritating. He wended his way across the loose-dirt of the crowded parking lot, and scanned for an open space.

The restaurant bustled, the sounds of Mariachis hinting at a festive mood inside. It was Melanie’s birthday and despite the brevity of their relationship, Joe had decided to pop the question to her tonight. He eased his Ford Explorer into an empty parking spot, glanced down at the dozen roses lying on the seat next to him and felt for the ring in his pocket. Even with the light coating of dirt on his windshield, he could still make out the sign above the back entrance, which read:


Below it, in smaller lettering, was the query:



About the Author

Rick Allen

Rick Allen is a humorist, freelance writer and healthcare practitioner. He graduated from both Grand Canyon University and Midwestern University. Rick’s first novel Proctology Treasure, was well received and introduced his offbeat sense of humor to his ever-growing number of readers. The Disoriented Dutchman’s Gold Mine is sure to be treasured by them as well as Lost Dutchman fans everywhere. He currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and four children.

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