Discipled by Jesus

by Hal and Debbi Perkins


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Discipled by Jesus?

Discipled by Jesus? Can 21st century Christians actually be discipled by Jesus? Perhaps more importantly, can one be a Christian, that is, a disciple of Jesus, if he is not being discipled by Jesus? This writing appeals to Scripture to affirm that Christians can be discipled by Jesus, and that they must be, and how they can be. The book further identifies how these who are truly being discipled by Jesus are thus being equipped to disciple others just as they have been discipled. “I simply will never be the same again…I’ve met Jesus a real Person who loves me, cares for me and desires relationship with me. I can hear Him and respond to Him as I would a beloved father, only closer still. I’ve been equipped to daily meet with Jesus, being discipled by Him, on my own and with others. All this I have learned sitting around a table utilizing the teachings of Pastor Hal Perkins, which are clearly presented in this book. Truly life changing!” Tanya Weron, mother and teacher.


About the Author

Hal and Debbi Perkins

Hal and Debbi Perkins seek to meet with Jesus daily in order to be discipled by Him moment by moment. Their first discipling ministry was to their now grown four children, all of whom are in full-time professional ministry. Their first priority in 40 years of pastoral ministry was making disciples and disciplemakers. This is their sixth book on various disciplemaking themes, including their popular book for parents, If Jesus Were A Parent. They travel full time, doing conferences and revivals for churches, seeking to strengthen all who are willing in being and making Christlike disciples. See their website: www.heartwalk.us.