A Life Established by Faith and Patience

by Shelly Kauffman


Book Details

Triumph over turmoil – God guided the way!

“I was the answer to his prayers, but was he the answer to mine?” In A Life Established by Faith and Patience, Shelly Kauffman escorts you through the unexpected series of events that define her life. Each new event compounds the prior circumstances; sometimes into seemingly impossible situations. The story reveals her steadfast method of overcoming by faith; patiently relying on God to fulfill His plan for her life. Her story takes a dramatic turn when her husband discovers his illness. Again, she emerges triumphantly through her faith in God. Read how Shelly’s faith and patience brought about victories and peace in her life.


About the Author

Shelly Kauffman

Shelly Kauffman is a creative individual from Juniata County, Pennsylvania. Her passion to write began as a little girl and the opportunity to become a published author transpired as a young adult. A sudden twist in her life prompted Shelly to prayerfully consider her next move. As a Christian, her faith in God and patience had established her life to this point, and produced victory over her life’s most difficult challenges. Shelly was inspired to share her story with you.



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