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The 6th Nick Bellamy Horror Laced Thriller . . .

Nick Bellamy’s monstrous eight-foot twin, Thomas, was murdered years ago. He remained dead until an unknown, black arts sorcerer broke into his mausoleum and reanimated him. Thomas has distinctive magical abilities to assist the mage in procuring Hollis Danforth’s Mortal Eclipse Project journal from a secure, U.S. military installation. Foreign governments offered him enormous sums of money for the logbook, chronicling all of Danforth’s genetic experiments. However, the mage also learned something is purportedly hidden inside the journal’s spine, which is ten times more valuable than the notes. A small band of freak survivors from Hollis Danforth’s pre-Civil War, crude genetic research wants to murder Nick Bellamy, Danforth’s first and last genetic success. Nick is definitely not a physical aberration like them. These grotesque mutants offer their help in securing the journal in exchange for the mage slaying Bellamy. It’s an agreement made in Hell! During Nick, Gabriella, Neo, and Crow’s pursuit of the two black-hearted killers, they are shocked when they finally discover the mage’s identity. A relative! Meanwhile, the sorcerer sets numerous traps employing killer demons and black magic to snuff Nick and his pals. Can they endure and prevent the mage from attaining the Mortal Eclipse Project journal? It’s a perilous race against the clock!


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David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of fourteen critically acclaimed horror thrillers. He now resides in Ohio where he enjoys its changing four seasons. “Friend” David on Facebook and learn about his upcoming projects.

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