Green and Dying

Women Marines 1961-64

by Kat Sinclair


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Set in Washington, D.C., Paris Island, S.C., and Quantico, VA, this is the true story of a naive, sheltered teenage girl who joins the Marines despite a warning from a Navy doctor that she is emotionally too young. There follows the most intense years of her life, learning about a homosexual sub-culture, lies, longing, suicide and loss. There is also humor and friendship. Meanwhile, a war is heating up in a faraway place called Vietnam.


Book Excerpt

In the humid, pre-dawn darkness, as we stood at attention under the cold, bright stars, we began to feel pin-pricks of pain, first in our ankles, then our legs, arms, necks, faces. Learn more at


About the Author

Kat Sinclair

The author, a retired journalist and teacher, lives by a stream in a wooded Ohio valley where she tends her animals, gardens and apple orchard.