Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Stone Island Sea Story

by D. Andrew McChesney


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Hotchkiss continued on. “Ed! You didn’t see it?” The use of his captain’s first name on deck attested to the first lieutenant’s growing apprehension and maddening confusion. “See what, Isaac, my old friend?” Pierce recognized his comrade’s state of mind and did not correct his lapse of quarterdeck etiquette. Clearly, a more personal and comfortable approach was needed. “The stars! The stars, Ed! We weren’t just looking up at them. We were amongst them. There was the sea, and then there wasn’t. And the stars were below us as well! And we were there, right among them, like we were the stars themselves, or the moon or...” “I’m sure you saw what you’ve described. Unfortunately, I chanced not to see it, although I have had a strange feeling of timelessness.” Is it possible to sail beyond the ocean’s edge to another world? In 1802 Royal Navy Lieutenant Edward Pierce is ashore on half pay because of the Peace of Amiens. He fortunately gains command of a vessel searching for a lost, legendary island. When the island is found, Pierce and his shipmates discover that it exists in an entirely different but similar world. Exploring the seas around Stone Island, HMS Island Expedition sails headlong into an arena of mistaken identities, violent naval battles, strange truces, dangerous liaisons, international intrigue, superstition, and ancient prophecies. Detained by that world’s equivalent of Great Britain, Pierce struggles to free his ship and crew. Despondent over giving up his ship and possibly never seeing his beloved Evangeline again, Pierce’s outlook brightens when he discovers new-found friends working to liberate him and his crew. With time he comes to understand the prophesied role he and his companions are to play in that other world.


About the Author

D. Andrew McChesney

Fascinated with the age of sail and the great sailing navies, D. Andrew McChesney served in the modern US Navy as an aviation electronics technician. Sometime after completing a twenty-two year career he revived and revised a story first conceived in high school. The first two books of the Stone Island Sea Stories are complete and work continues on the third. He edits the Rear Engine Review, the Inland Northwest Corvair Club’s monthly newsletter. An essay, “Tennis Balls and Broadsides” won first place in the initial Author! Author! Periodic Awards for Expressive Excellence, and was published in Gray Dog Press’ Spoke Write . The next book of the series placed second in the Author! Author! Great First Pages Contest . Usually answering to Dave, he is President of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers (SASP), and a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA). He resides in Spokane, Washington with his wife Eva, daughter Jessica, a Quaker Parrot named He-lo, a corn snake called Teako, a 1962 Corvair Rampside known as Tim, and a 1965 Corvair Monza coupe identified as Ralph . Patiently waiting to win the lotto or for his book(s) to become best-sellers, Dave works in janitorial services with a local private club.

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