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Living is An Unknown Journey!

Growing up in a family of ten children during the Vietnam War despite the economic disadvantage, Dao wants to go abroad to study a new culture, and new advance industrial technology in the hope of changing the family hardship, and to show her rebellion against her mother's unspoken rigid rule. Dao believes that if she does well academically she'll have a scholarship for an education abroad to fulfill her dream. She surrounds herself with a group of selected friends, Thuy, Ha, and Linh, who have the same goal in life, mentally supporting her to reach to her goal. She dreams of going to a country that will provide her a better life of freedom that she can make her own choice in any circumstance without the guilt of disappointing her parents, or the people that she lives among. But her plan is dramatically changed right after the Saigon Fall, her Father was sent to the re-education camp a hundred miles away from home in the mountain area away from his family, and his comfortable, familiar life.

Dao gets accepted into the college of her choice in spite of her father's background with the own regime, condemned by the current communist government. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? She is young and naive about the outcome of war, she's optimistic about her future with the new regime. What is it that she is so bound to the call of a better life ignoring the possibility of dying at sea, and throwing away her very first accomplishment with the new government system in her home land? Is it her adventure-mind or the wish of her father that she takes an Unknown Journey to America to conquer again all the odds to live the life she wants to live. But then, the most important reason of the journey-the freedom to live as she wishes-hasn't turned out the way she wants. She's still bound by the duty and the responsibility to her family. Especially, she's still bound by her old rigid moral code instilled in her, so which choice does she have? But, an unknown journey never ends.


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Dao Huynh

A newcomer to this wondrous America twenty years ago, the Author now has become a settler in this country. She likes who she becomes, and she feels that she has been adopted by this country. She wants to earn the title of being an American. The four years of college has provided her the means to merge into the mainstream. She's proud to say that she's an American, and always remembers the dear sweet mother country, where she was brought up to be who she is today. She has written and fantasized many stories throughout the years in her first language, until now she has decided to write her first story in English to celebrate the circumstance of life, which made her like many others An American By Choice.

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