Wrath of Aphrodite

by Bess T. Chappas


Book Details

A love-struck and vengeful marble statue of Aphrodite becomes the third party in a love triangle in hot and sultry Savannah, Georgia.

A love-struck and possibly vengeful marble statue of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, becomes the third party in a love triangle in hot and sultry Savannah, Georgia in the 1970s. Michael Andrews, a handsome but troubled young man, is on the lam, fleeing Las Vegas pursued by a violent mobster. He seeks refuge with his godfather, Pinkie Masters—modeled on a real-life almost legendary Savannah figure. From there, Michael’s southern sojourn includes an encounter with a powerful politician, who has unusual marriage plans for his beautiful daughter, Stephanie, and a mysterious sexy encounter with a dangerous sculpture in the senator’s garden. Maggie, the senator’s housekeeper and granddaughter of a Gullah medicine woman, believes the statue is evil and becomes Michael’s unlikely ally. Michael searches for history of the statue he both admires and fears and is led to St. Augustine, Florida and a possible connection to a little known settlement of European settlers near New Smyrna established in 1767. Can he find a way to destroy the statue before he loses Stephanie’s love and the surprisingly happy life he has found in Savannah?


About the Author

Bess T. Chappas

Chappas is a retired educator, newspaper columnist, and professional teller of Savannah ghost stories. Although born in Greece, she has lived in Savannah most of her life. The late Pinkie Masters was a family friend so she didn’t think he would mind being a pivotal character in the story of Wrath of Aphrodite. Chappas has published two children’s books based on her early life in Greece, Kiki and the Red Shoes and Kiki and the Statue of Liberty.