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Be King or Queen of Your Life, Not a Pawn

The intent of this book is to show you that throughout history, many of the most profound historical figures that have contributed to our current level of civilization were not able to do it alone. Most had a team of mentors and role players surrounding them and propelling them to greatness. For the purposes of my life and this book, I choose to call these teams “Jedi Councils” and use Star Wars quotes and lessons to support my philosophies. Why did I choose Star Wars as a theme? Because maybe I’m a dork like that, but more because history and philosophy seem boring to most, and Star Wars is anything but boring. I hope by using this theme I can create a conduit to help transport the knowledge and wisdom of the greats from their minds into yours. And once their knowledge is in your mind, I truly hope it doesn’t dwell in there alone. I want you to be a king or queen that uses their knowledge and wisdom to help pull your dreams out of your mind and into reality to shape a life worth living, and not be a caveman or cavewoman who’s dreams are buried with them in their grave.


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Seneca Medici

SENECA MEDICI packs several millennia’s worth of insightful, detailed, and powerful knowledge on conquering life to our modern day. As an armed services veteran, a dedicated student of people and life, he has a uniquely valuable perspective on how to vanquish your fears, obstacles, enemies, goals, embrace your dreams, and become King or Queen of your own life.

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