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Is Isaiah dreaming or has he really traveled back in time?

When it comes to today’s society and environment there’s a young man by the name of Isaiah Rossman who absolutely despises it. He works at an antique shop and still lives at home with his father. Isaiah has always wished he could go back in time to the decade he most misses, the 1990s. He’s always open to talk to anyone about that decade, even total strangers. He comes across as immature but Isaiah is just trying his hardest to avoid the rat race of 2009. Suddenly everything in his life changes when he finds himself waking up in a hospital after an unexpected car accident where everyone is trying to convince him that it’s 1996, he’s a teenager and everything’s back to the way he always wished. Is Isaiah dreaming or did he unexpectedly travel back in time?


About the Author

Jarred Osbourn

The author resides in a small town in Indiana. This is his first published book. He has been writing for at least seven years and his background includes, poetry, sci-fi, mystery and suspense. He has written several books and plans on writing many more in the future.

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