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The Unforgettable True Story of the Munson Family Continues!

In the spring of 1970, as Katie Munson celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday, the single mother of four looked back on her life. Feeling grateful and relieved that her estranged and violent ex-husband had moved on, Katie was finally able to leave her sordid past behind. At long last, the young mother and her family had risen from the depths of despair, eager to rebuild their shattered lives. But starting over is never easy. After relocating to a small rural town, the young divorcée felt isolated, frightened and alone. Katie’s first priority was finding a decent job so that she could support her four little children. Once she had established herself financially, Katie set her sights on restoring some form of social life for herself…and she never lost hope of finding that special someone with whom she could fall in love, settle down, and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship. In this second installment of the epic Munson family saga, you will become more familiar with the young Munson children, whose unique personalities materialize as they experience their own individual trials, tribulations and triumphs. Set in southeastern Minnesota during the carefree 1970s, this exhilarating drama is overflowing with nostalgia, history, music, suspense and shocking events. Whether you’re young or young at heart, there’s something for everyone in this thrilling joyride back in time as Katie Munson and her four children navigate the river of life, both together as a family and independently from one another, in search of “the good stuff.”


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Vickie McGillis

This is the second novel in the “Detours” book series by Vickie McGillis, an award-winning published poet and proud supporter of various charities to benefit humanity, animal welfare, wildlife and planet conservation. Vickie is a native of Winona, Minnesota, where she and her husband reside with their rescued four-legged companions.

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